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FY2013-01 Fiscal Year 2013 Budget[Icon] 7 CLERKS000012 Borough Records
FY2013-01A Amending FY2013 Budget by Accepting Three Grants[Icon] 1 CLERKS000012 Borough Records
FY2013-01B Amending FY2013 Budget by Increasing Landfill Lateral Expansion Project and LTC Budget[Icon] 1 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
FY2013-01C Amending the FY2013 Budget[Icon] 10 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
FY2013-02 Approving a Rezone for Lot 25A, Block 7 Leite Additons From R1 to R3[Icon] 2 CLERKS000012 Borough Records
FY2013-03 Longevity Pay - POSTPONED[Icon] 1 CLERKS000012 Borough Records
FY2013-04 Sick Leave Pay - POSTPONED[Icon] 1 CLERKS000012 Borough Records
FY2013-05 Dispostion of Tax Foreclosed Property - Larch Street[Icon] 2 CLERKS000012 Borough Records
FY2013-06 Amending Chapter 2.35 Conflict of Interest Adding 2.35.015 Restrictions on Employment and Personal Service Contracts FAILED[Icon] 2 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
FY2013-07 Approving a Rezone for Port Lions Subdivision to PL-Public Use Zoning District[Icon] 2 CLERKS000012 Borough Records
FY2013-08 Amending Title 2.125 Architectural/Engineering Review Board[Icon] 2 CLERKS000012 Borough Records
FY2013-09 Amending Title 15 Buildings and Construction to Standardize the Borough Code[Icon] 8 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
FY2013-10 Accepting a Grant From AK Division of Homeland Security for Kodiak Area Emergency Operations Plan Update[Icon] 1 CLERKS000012 Borough Records
FY2013-11 Amending Title 3 Revenue and Finance Chapter 3.30 Contract, Purchase, Sale, and Transfer Procedures[Icon] 7 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
FY2013-12 To Dispose of City of Kodiak Land for Class B Compost at Landfill[Icon] 3 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
FY2013-13 Rezoning a Portion of the Borough Landfill Tract Case 13-012[Icon] 3 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
FY2013-14 Rezone for Lot 2, Block 17, Tract A, Ouzinkie Township to UNC-Urban Neighborhood Commercial Zoning District[Icon] 2 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
FY2013-15 Rezoning Lots 5B and 5C Chiniak Alaska Subdivision[Icon] 2 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
FY2013-17 Rezoning Port Lions Subdivision From RR2 Rural Residential Two to PL Public Use Land Zoning District[Icon] 2 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
FY2013-18 Rezoning Old Harbor Airport From R1 Single Family to LI Light Industrial Zoning District[Icon] 2 CLERKS000013 Borough Records
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