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FY2013-01 Mental Health Services[Icon] 6 CLERKS000012 Clerks
FY2013-02 Cooperative Fire Protection Agreement[Icon] 6 CLERKS000012 Clerks
FY2013-03 PDC Inc. Engineers - Design Services KFRC Ventilation[Icon] 128 CLERKS000012 Clerks
FY2013-04 Fox Lawson & Associates - Consulting Agreement job classification[Icon] 7 CLERKS000012 Clerks
FY2013-05 Wohlforth/Brech/Cartledge/Brooking - Bond Counsel[Icon] 4 CLERKS000012 Clerks
FY2013-06 Landfill Cleaning Contract - Red River[Icon] 7 CLERKS000012 Clerks
FY2013-06A Landfill Cleaning Contract - Red River Extension Agreement #1[Icon] 3 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2013-06B Landfill Cleaning Contract - Red River Extension Agreement #2[Icon] 1 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2013-07 New World Systems[Icon] 2 CLERKS000012 Clerks
FY2013-08 Contaminated Soil Golden Alaska Excavating[Icon] 4 CLERKS000012 Clerks
FY2013-09 Kodiak Election - Relocation of Facilities[Icon] 3 CLERKS000012 Clerks
FY2013-10 City of Kodiak, KIB, KIBSD Joint Use Agreement[Icon] 4 CLERKS000012 Clerks
FY2013-11 Kodiak Long Term Care Facility[Icon] 496 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2013-12 Zenon Environmental Coporation Lateral Expansion Phase 3 Membrane Equipment System[Icon] 317 CLERKS000012 Clerks
FY2013-13 Contract Failed - Mr. Erick Strahl[Icon] 0 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2013-14 Employment Contract Charles Cassidy[Icon] 6 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2013-14A Borough Managers Employment Contract Extension Agreement No. 1[Icon] 1 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2013-14B Borough Managers Employment Contract Extension Agreement No. 2[Icon] 3 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2013-15 KIB and City of Kodiak Landfill Tract[Icon] 8 CLERKS000012 Clerks
FY2013-15A Amendment to License Agreement for Use of Borough Property - Landfill for Sludge and Class B Compost[Icon] 6 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2013-16 Lease Agreement Womens Bay Fire Hall[Icon] 10 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2013-17 Wilson Engineering KHS Addition Project Mgt.[Icon] 34 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2013-18 Women's Bay Fire hall Lease Agreement[Icon] 11 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2013-19 Plan Review Services for Long Term Care[Icon] 3 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2013-20 Chamber of Commerce Borrowed Vehicle Agreement[Icon] 13 CLERKS000013 Clerks
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