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1995-47G Amending Collective Bargaining Agreement w/IBEW[Icon] 11 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-01 Economic Development Services - Chamber of Commerce[Icon] 4 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-02 KIB Facilities Fuel Oil Delivery[Icon] 7 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-03 Threshold Services, Inc.[Icon] 4 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-04 New World Systems Maintenance Agreement[Icon] 4 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-05 Peterson Elem. Roof Paver Replacement - Clarion Company[Icon] 7 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-06 Providence Kodiak Island Counseling Center Mental Health Services[Icon] 6 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-07 KIB and City of Kodiak Animal Control[Icon] 5 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-08 KIB Landfill Engineering & Consulting Services[Icon] 7 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-09 2006 GMC Flatbed Truck[Icon] 2 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-10 Triple Combination Pumper Vehicle - Pierce Mfg.[Icon] 7 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-11 Architectural & Engineering Services for KMS Seismic Upgrade[Icon] 63 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-12 Heavy Duty Walk-In rescue Vehicle - Pierce Mfg.[Icon] 17 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-13 KIB Building Cleaning Contract[Icon] 14 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-14 Kodiak Teen Court[Icon] 10 CLERKS8000001 Clerks
FY2007-15 Kodiak Area Special Olympics[Icon] 10 CLERKS8000001 Clerks
FY2007-15A Kodiak Ara Special Olympics Notice to Terminate[Icon] 1 CLERKS000017 Clerks
FY2007-16 Brechan Enterprises, Inc. - Bells Flats Subdivision - Tract B historical contracts[Icon] 64 CLERKS8000001 Clerks
FY2007-17 Lease Agreement - Kodiak Area Special Olympics[Icon] 11 CLERKS8000001 Clerks
FY2007-18 Engineering Services - Anton Larsen Bay Public Access Improvements - HDR Alaska, Inc.[Icon] 8 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-19 On-Site Leachate Treatment Evaluation Lateral Expansion - Landfill - CH2M Hill[Icon] 10 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-20 Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act[Icon] 10 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-21 Cooperation Agreement with Karluk Tribal Council tax exemption[Icon] 4 CLERKS8000001 Clerks
FY2007-22 Lateral Expansion Design & Constr Services[Icon] 226 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2007-23 Professional Services Agmt. - Providence Medical Center - Facility Master Plan[Icon] 12 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
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