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FY2005-01 Tundra Pumbing and Heating Reconstruction and Operation of Swimming Pool[Icon] 12 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-03 Shannon & Wilson Consulting Services Landfill Water Quality[Icon] 17 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-04 Brechan Enterprises Repairs to the Leachate Treatment System KIB Landfill[Icon] 14 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-05 Brechan Enterprises Repairs to the Baler Building Floor at Landfill[Icon] 20 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-06 Assessment Consulting Services - Wayne Haerer[Icon] 11 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-07 Anderson Construction - Produce Shot Rock for Landfill[Icon] 9 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-08 Removed[Icon] 14 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-09 Manager Gifford Employment Contract[Icon] 7 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-09A Manager Gifford Employment Contract[Icon] 3 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2005-09B Manager Gifford Employment Contract Amend[Icon] 1 DEFAULT000000 Clerks
FY2005-10 Kodiak Refrigeration Remove Freon & Capacitors from Household Applicances[Icon] 16 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-11 IBEW Letter of Agreement - Youth Summer Workers[Icon] 1 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-12 Pacific Software - Operating System Upgrade[Icon] 6 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-13 Prochaska and Assoc. Architectural Services for Providence Medical Center[Icon] 20 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-14 G&E Engineering Systems, Inc. - Seismic Vulnerability Assessment[Icon] 8 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-15 T.C. Enterprises KIB and KIBSD Snow Removal[Icon] 8 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-16 Petro Star Inc. KIB Facilities Fuel Oil Delivery[Icon] 9 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
FY2005-17 Purchase of Caterpillar Landfill Operations[Icon] 24 CLERKS8000005 Clerks
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