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FY2019-01 No Contract Was Assigned To This Number[Icon] 0 CLERKS000017
FY2019-02 Destination Marketing And Tourism Development Program Agreement - Discover Kodiak[Icon] 2 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-03 Annual Nicet Fire Agreement with Taylor Fire Protection in an Amount Not To Exceed $25,000.[Icon] 4 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-03A First Year Extention of NICET Fire Inspections[Icon] 1 CLERKS000017 Clerks
FY2019-04 Petro Star Inc. dba North Pacific Fuel - Facility Fuel Oil and Highway Fuel for KIB Facilities and Vehicles[Icon] 14 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-05 City of Kodiak MOA for Buidling Inspection Program - reestablishes the parameters of the April 15, 1988 agreement - Expires June 30, 2023[Icon] 6 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-06 Service Agreement with the City of Kodiak to provide for animal control services[Icon] 6 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-07 MOA with City of Kodiak for Provision of E-911 Operation and Maintenance Services.[Icon] 3 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-08 Design services for the Kodiak High School Electric Boiler project - RSA Engineering in an amount not to exceed $24,011.[Icon] 10 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-09 Design services for the Kodiak Fisheries Research Center Electric Boiler project - RSA Engineering in an amount not to exceed $24,763.[Icon] 11 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-10 Architectural & Engineering Services for Various Capital Improvement Projects in the amount of[Icon] 73 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-10C Change Order #03 KFRC Fire Alarm Replacement & Upgrade[Icon] 8 CLERKS000017 Clerks
FY2019-11 Bayside Fire Department Boiler Replacement Project With Larry's Plumbing And Heating In The Amount Not To Exceed $19,960.88[Icon] 3 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-12 Mayson Navigation Company of Alaska - Service Contract freight for Landfill ‎(Metals)‎ at a rate of $400 per container.[Icon] 4 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-13 Janitorial Services For Kodiak Island Borough Facilities With Tuan’s Island Professional Cleaning Services For The Estimated Price Of $105,317 Excluding Taxes.[Icon] 27 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-14A Change Order No. 1 Bering Industrial Contractors[Icon] 8 CLERKS000017 Clerks
FY2019-15 Lobbying Services Between KIB and Hickey & Associates[Icon] 2 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-16 Employment Contract with Michael Powers, Borough Manager[Icon] 4 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-16A Cetificate of Substantial Completion[Icon] 2 CLERKS000017 Clerks
FY2019-17 MOA Between KIB and IRA Karluk Tribal Council[Icon] 5 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-18 MOA KIB and City of Larsen Bay[Icon] 5 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-19 Banking Services For The Kodiak Island Borough with Wells Fargo Bank N.A.[Icon] 20 CLERKS000017 Clerks
FY2019-20 Jere's Tree Service Removal[Icon] 4 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2019-21 Employment Contract with Tara L. Welinsky, Borough Clerk[Icon] 4 CLERKS000017 Clerks
FY2019-22 KIB Contract for Professional Legal Services Keene & Currall[Icon] 28 CLERKS000017 Clerks
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