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KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH <br />AGENDA STATEMENT <br />JUNE 19, 2008 REGULAR MEETING <br />ITEM NO: 13.A.2 <br />TITLE: <br />Contract No. FY2008-26A Amending Contract No. FY2008-26 Agreement Between the <br />Kodiak Island Borough and Jensen, Yorba, Lott Inc. for the Apparatus Garage Addition to <br />the Existing Bayside Fire Hall. <br />SUMMARY: <br />Fire Protection Area No. 1 requested the that Borough procure an architectural firm to design an <br />addition to the existing facility to house newly acquired equipment and provide for other <br />identified needs. An RFP was issued and the ARB selected RIM Architects as the first choice <br />and Jensen Yorba Lott as the second choice. KIB entered into an agreement with RIM <br />Architects to provide a program document and an estimate for construction costs. RIM's first <br />deliverable exceeded the available budget by a considerable amount. RIM's second try resulted <br />in project cost estimates unsatisfactory to the FPA#1 Board of Directors. The Board requested <br />staff to negotiate a services agreement with the second choice, Jensen Yorba Lott. In <br />accordance with KIB Code 3.16.110 Competitive Sealed Proposals, Negotiations with Jensen <br />Yorba Lott resulted in a contract not to exceed $5,000.00 to provide schematic, architectural <br />and design services including updated cost estimates. This work has been satisfactorily <br />completed and the Architect has proposed contract amendment to provide the additional <br />architectural services required to bring the project through the bidding and construction phases <br />in an amount not to exceed $125,929.00. FPA#1 has approved this amendment to the contract. <br />FISCAL NOTES: <br />Account No.: 410-684-452-110-174-1 <br />Amount Budgeted: <br />Expenditure Required: <br />APPROVAL FOR AGENDA: ~~~,~? ~ ' <br />RECOMMENDED MOTION: Move to authorize the manager to execute Contract No. FY2006- <br />26A an amendment to Contract No. FY2008-26 with Jensen Yorba Lott, Inc. of Juneau, Alaska <br />in the amount not to exceed $125,929.00 for the period of present to 12/31/2008. <br />