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<br />~...;............,... <br />.. ..., <br /> <br />.., ml <br /> <br />Gel's Local Service <br />GUARANTEED VALUE AGREEMENT <br />Kodiak - Business Savings for Analog <br />Kodiak - Digital Trunking PRI <br />Statewide Everywhere Long Distance <br /> <br />The Guaranteed Value program is our guarantee that we will always give you equal or better value than <br />any competitive offer you receive. It's simple. We ask for your commitment to stay with GCI for a number <br />of years, We designed the Guaranteed Value program because we want to make sure that you are totally <br />satisfied with the value you are receiving from us. The length of your commitment is your choice. The total <br />savings is your choice. The savings will increase with the number of years of the agreement. <br /> <br />Here's how it works: <br />· Choose the level of savings and sign the agreement. <br />· If you receive a written proposal from another telecommunications provider offering you better overall <br />value or savings over your current GCI program, when compared using equal evaluation criteria, and; <br />· You contact GCI and request a comparison of the proposed program against GCI programs; <br />· GCI will offer you a program of equal or better value within 60 days of your request for comparison. <br />· If GCI does not provide you with a program of equal or better value - you may terminate the <br />Guaranteed Value program with GCI without penalty. Just send me a letter stating the details and I will <br />make sure that we fulfill our commitment. <br /> <br />Choose your savings by checking the box - That's Guaranteed Value! <br /> <br />~~ <br /> <br />Brad Sees, Vice President, GCI Sales <br />1&1 3- Year Term - 20% Discount on Kodiak Analog Service with $100 credit caw <br />1&13-Year Term - 20% Discount on Kodiak Full PRI with $160 credit caw <br />1&1 3- Year Term - Everywhere Long Distance Plan: 7 cent calling inter& instate. <br />1&1 3- Year Term - Tl Data Service $287 monthly, $853 nonrecurring install. <br /> <br />Because of these added savings, if your business switches its local services to another carrier without <br />following the Guaranteed Value process before the end of the contract term GCI may charge a termination <br />fee equal to the credit applied during the last 12 months. If the termination occurs before the end of 12 <br />months, the termination fee will equal the total credits applied under this contract. <br /> <br />I have thoroughly read, understand and choose to participate in this Guaranteed Value Plus Business Savings <br />Plan. I have signed a letter of authorization to switch these services to GCI. This agreement does not include <br />non-recu ing charges; r ulatory surcharges and taxes. <br /> <br /> <br />Rick Gifford <br />Printed Name <br /> <br />Brian Phillips <br />Gel Representative <br /> <br />January 16,2008 <br />Date <br /> <br /> <br />, <br />I <br />I <br />l <br />ii <br />I <br />,- <br /> <br />/Hhf.. -fl~,~ <br />