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<br /> <br />~NED <br />. . . Dare: ~I . . {///J <br />publtshlng Inc........................................ .~ ~................ <br />. ~ <br /> <br />,,4~).O{J 11ft <br />t~d fy 11tt?;.1 <br />eJ O(J'S - J.1 <br /> <br />Consultant Services Agreement for Kodiak Island Borough, AK <br /> <br />This Agreement is entered into between KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH, AK, hereinafter referred <br />to as the "BOROUGH," and CODE PUBLISHING COMPANY, hereinafter referred to as the <br />"CONSULTANT." The Agreement covers legal publishing services including, but not limited to, <br />recodification, legal review, printing, and computer text output of THE KODIAK ISLAND <br />BOROUGH CODE, hereinafter referred to as the "CODE." All copyrights belong to the <br />BOROUGH. <br /> <br />General <br /> <br />The CONSULTANT will provide a complete recodification and republication of the CODE to <br />include a comprehensive legal review, Internet hosting and searchable electronic files, as well as <br />future supplements both for the online version and for the printed version. <br /> <br />The BOROUGH will deliver to the CONSULTANT the present CODE text and ordinances both in <br />hard-copy or digitally scanned (PDP or TIP) format and in a word processing or text format (Le., a <br />non-graphic format) via e-mail <br /> <br />The CODE produced by the CONSULTANT shall be the exclusive and sole property of the <br />BOROUGH, and the BOROUGH may use said CODE for any purposes it deems appropriate, <br />including the right to copy, distribute, or sell said CODE. <br /> <br />Publishing <br /> <br />The CONSULTANT will republish the CODE to include codification of ordinances, subject <br />organization, history notes, a subject matter index keyed to the sections of the CODE, and ordinance <br />tables. CODE sections and the index will be edited and internal cross-references checked. The <br />complete text will be proofread and checked for typographical errors, incorrect section references, and <br />inconsistencies. The text will be printed in a two-column per page layout, Times II-point type font <br />(or as specified by the BOROUGH) with justified margins. The index, editor's notes, and other <br />footnotes will be reprinted in Times lO-point (or as specified by the BOROUGH). <br /> <br />Proof Copy <br /> <br />The CONSULT ANT will provide a proof copy of the republished CODE together with editorial <br />questions and comments for BOROUGH review and approval. The BOROUGH will review and <br />annotate the proof copy with desired changes, then return the proof to the CONSULTANT. During <br />the time period that the BOROUGH is reviewing the proof copy, the electronic version of the code <br />will be uploaded to the Internet. <br /> <br />Printing <br /> <br />The CONSULTANT will print and deliver copies of the completed CODE in a format designed for <br />future expansion and supplementation on a page-for-page basis. Camera-ready copy and/or print- <br />image files are available upon request at no additional cost. <br /> <br />Code Publishing Company <br />9410 Roosevelt Way N E <br />Seattle, WA 98115-1164 <br /> <br />206.527.6831/800.551.2633 <br /> <br />codepu bli shi <br />