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<br />OWNER-GENERAL CONTRACTOR <br /> <br />AGREEMENT <br /> <br />Contract No. 2008-10 <br /> <br />THIS AGREEMENT, made this ~ day of '1(0/. , A.D., 2007, between the Kodiak Island <br />Borough, acting by and through its Borough Manager, party of the first part, and M.K. Enterprises, <br />LLC. of Kodiak, Alaska, incorporated under the laws of the State of Alaska, its successors and <br />assigns, party of the second part, hereinafter called the Contractor. <br /> <br />WITNESSETH: That the Contractor, for and in consideration of the payment or payments herein <br />specified and agreed to by the party of the first part, hereby covenants and agrees to commence and <br />provide maintenance and repairs described as follows: <br /> <br />Road Maintenance and Repairs, Snow Removal and Sanding for <br />Bayview Road Service Area <br /> <br />in the Kodiak Island Borough, Kodiak, Alaska, for the amount specified in the attached Bid <br />Schedule. <br /> <br />The Contractor further covenants and agrees that the entire project shall be done under the <br />administration and to the complete satisfaction of the Kodiak Island Borough, subject to inspection at <br />all times and approval by any participating agency of the Government of the United States of <br />America, and in accordance with the laws of the State of Alaska and rules and regulations of said <br />Federal Agency. <br /> <br />The Contractor further covenants and agrees that all of said work and labor shall be done and <br />performed in the best and most workmanlike manner and that all and every of said materials and <br />labor shall be in strict and entire conformity in every respect with the Contract Documents: that he <br />will abide by and perform all stipulations, covenants, and agreements specified in said Contract <br />Documents, all of which are by reference hereby made a part of this Contract, as to all premises <br />therein. <br /> <br />The Contractor hereby agrees to receive the prices set forth in the proposal as full compensation for <br />furnishing all the materials and labor which may be required in the prosecution and completion of the <br />whole work to be done under this Contract. <br /> <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, The Kodiak Island Borough Manager, by authority in him vested, has <br />executed this contract on behalf of the Kodiak Island Borough, and the said M.K. Enterprises, LLC. <br />has hereunto set its hand and seal, the day and year first above written. <br /> <br />\\Dove\departments\EF\Service Districts\Bayview Service Area Board\Road Maintenance Contract 2007 -09\Agreement 2007.doc <br />Page 1 of 4 <br /> <br />l <br />~ <br />