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<br /> <br />1.. AgreemenfNo. <br />06PDM-GR34015 <br /> <br />5.. ;Recipient Address <br /> <br />{~ Ff~tJtJ?- tJ~ <br /> <br />DEPT OF MILITARY AND VETERANS AFFAIRS <br />DIVISION OF HOMELAND SECURITY <br />AND EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT <br />Obligating Award Document for <br />2006 PreDisaster Mitigation Competitive, Planning Activities <br />Grant <br />Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant <br />US DEPT OF HOMELAND SECURITY <br />Federal Emergency Management Agency <br />2006 Federal Grant No. PDMC-10-AK-2005 CFDA No. 97.017 <br />3..Awclrdrgj Amehdl'llenf[J 4. EmplbyerJax 10 # <br />AmendmEmt# 92-0030845 <br /> <br />2. Recipient <br />Kodiak Island Borough <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />6.ISslJingoffice and Acfdl'ess <br />Department of Military and Veterans Affairs <br />Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management <br />P.O. Box 5750 <br />Fort Richardson, Alaska 99505-5750 <br />www.ak-reared.comlirants.htm <br />8. [)H~.&EM Project Phone: 907-428-7016 <br />Manager: Fax: 907-428-7009 <br />Ernail: <br /> <br /> <br />Kodiak Island Borough <br />710 Mill Bay Road <br />Kodiak, AK 99615 <br /> <br />7: Effective Oateof This Action <br />June 1, 2007 <br />9. Method' of Payment: <br />Electronic <br />10. Grant Award and Terms and Conditions: (seeattachecJGrant Termsand.Cohditions) <br />Total Awarded Amount: $1,251,510.00 <br />Federal Share: $938,632.50 <br />Local Match: $312,877.50 <br /> <br />R. Scott Simmons <br /> <br />Project Budget Details are funding allocations, and are not to be construed as expenditure authorizations or approvals. <br />Grant program guidelines and Federal, State, and local contracting and procurement compliance requirements apply. <br />Fbl'.State Use Onl CC #09296301 <br /> <br />11. 'Grant Requirements, Assurances and Agreements: (see attached Grant Requirements, Assurances and Agreements) <br />The acceptance of a grant from the United States creates a legal duty on the part of the grantee to use the funds or property made available in <br />accordance with the conditions of the rant. GA 0 Accountin Princi les and Standards for Federal A encies, Cha ter 2, Section 16.8 c <br />12. Special conditions: Grant funds cannot be expended until these conditibnshave been met. <br /> <br /> <br />Return Completed and Signed Contact Sheet <br /> <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />Printed Name: Walle Konin <br />15. Signature .of JuriSdiction Chief Financial <br /> <br />.........'11~ ~br- <br />Printed Name: Karleton Short <br />16. Si~_ture of Jurisdiction Signata Official <br /> <br />L&(~~~ ~~~ G1 4-1)- <br />Printed Name and Title: Rick Gift Mana e~ 'L)H"P7~.,~A -rltrt.... <br />17. OHS&EM Signatory Official (Name a ) <br /> <br /> <br />John W. Madden, Director <br /> <br />X:\Staff_Support\GRANTS SUPPORT\2006 Grants\16.14 Pre Disaster Mitigation. PDM\16.14c Jurisdiction Sub-Recipients\Kodiak Island Borough\Original 0621 07K1B.doc <br />