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Kodiak Island Borough <br />Community Development Department <br />710 Mill Bay Rd. Rm 205 <br />Kodiak AK 99615 <br />Ph. (907) 486 - 9363 Fax (907) 486 - 9396 <br />htto:// <br />Zoning Compliance Permit <br />The following information is to b <br />Property Owner / Applicant: Richard and Lucelia Graves <br />Print Form Submit by Emaii <br />lilllllllllilllllllllllll <br />Permit No. BZ2016-072 &,y\00tNMFN r I <br />Hbw ► N ]QLAC.F <br />supplied by the Applicant: <br />Mailing Address: 10742 Chiniak Drive, Kodiak AK 99615 <br />Phone Number: (907) 654-4283 <br />Other Contact email, etc.: <br />Legal Description: Subdv: Bells Flats <br />Block: 4 Lot: 4A <br />4lv <br />Street Address: 10742 Chiniak Drive <br />,YNI S' X 4 coir _ i <br />Use & Size of Existing Structures: 14'x 70' mobile home with 24'x'&4' attached addition used as single-family resilience <br />xaGciESsf�Y <br />C TAiuE�� Xa-LtIswoP w ►Tfl )aX' .-DIAW) i�a.�s A►�fl le x l�� pec, ssc � �vt(���Y _ <br />4IV�DLf'i lD� <br />Description of Proposed Actio -el—Rern-ov -of the 14' x 70' mobile home. 24' xj4' structure on standalone foundation rerna'rn.W Ill <br />'S' X a`l' COvf-t-fh I)fc-K. -TD 9fAAAit), N--LOCfiT160 O F W X f6 N)ILD)Mb i f Af-f-A <br />wt�'cATf-b CC-PS'i(`UC-CIbK) aL3X:j_4' A�Dlilb�'TO a`i'X3,' VXIST(&36 5T-PvcItlf <br />S \r-A�IZA1 ) 6N A�I✓b StT>G PLAO �,V-/ IMIC, `�TPJCjL -F- AND ApD1Ti0N <br />w,% LL- V-!CSv),T 1.0 A Wi j-15WG0E-FAM1Lq -1-6 REfLjkCF- MUJ�1LE NbN1E, <br />Site Plan to include: Lot boundaries and existing easements, existing buildings, proposed location of new construction, access points, <br />and vehicular parking areas. <br />Staff Compliance Review: Current Zoning: RR1 KIBC 17.70 PROP .ID 22277 <br />Lot Area: 1.94 acres <br />Front Yard: 25' <br />Prk'g Plan Rvw? No <br />Lot Width: 120' <br />Rear Yard: 20' <br /># of Req'd Spaces: 3 <br />Bldg Height: 35' <br />Side Yard: 15' <br />Staff Compliance Review Notes: <br />Plat/ Subdivision Requirements? p (firtg P otition' Number of required spaces remains 3, 51TC <br />it <br />r7 5Hy�S 3 5I -AC -I`5. +�lL �l�l>-�UVS tAf,f-" JZ e, I SE-T�c� f-�Q���(EMF-�T5 S <br />Subd Case No. Plat No. Bldg Permit No. <br />