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Borough Assembly Meeting - March 5, 1970 Page 3 <br />Mk. Clowes suggested that Kcdiak should du as has been done in other states, a <br />taxing of automobiles,. the pruchase of stickers for all autcmobiles on Kodiak and <br />the money would be used in the Schcol District. This would help relieve the <br />property owners of the greater tax load. The Borough Clerk was asked to check thj <br />- with the Borough Attorney to see if something on this order-Might be possible. <br />Mt. Craig brought out the point that most new schools are built with a 40% level <br />of efficiency and we are building one for 70 or 80% efficiency. We will be using <br />most of the school right away. <br />The question as raised concerning the current drop in the school enrollment and <br />it was explained that this was usual for this time of the year and that in the <br />spring the enrollment will again increase. There will be an increase., next year <br />due to the estimated 200 students that will be coming in for the Boarding school. <br />Mr. Sutliff moved for approval of Stage I of the'PrdEosed Design of Additional <br />High School Facilities as presented by Crittenden, Cassetta Wirum and Cannon, <br />seconded by Mr. JAOkson, motion passed by unanimous roll call vote. <br />D. List of PotentialBuyers For Proposed Land Sale at Chiniak - This list had been <br />forwarded to Mt. Roy Eckland and contained fifty-three names, with the possible - <br />addition of another 35 more or less, of person S interested in purchasing land in , <br />the Chiniak area. The Eorough Assembly indicated no objections to this sale and <br />requested t! the Borough Chairman explore the possibilities of getting this *. <br />land up for sale in the near future. <br />Mr. Jackson voiced the opinion that the Borough should sell large parcels of land <br />and allow the individual to subdivide rather than the Borough. <br />E. Letter from Division of Lands re ADL 37348 Spedial Land Use Permit , Kodiak Land <br />Company - SargentS Creek,Bells Flats. The letter was read indicating that conditi <br />I exist at this site that would require major cleanup and that there was evidence <br />that materials were being taken from the creek bed. It was recommended that the <br />•, , <br />permit be closed out and the site restored to,tile original state. As members of <br />the Kodiak Land CoMpany were not present to discuss this the Borough Clerk suggeS1 <br />that this be tabled until the interested parties could be present. ii- Sutliff <br />-_::vednatts 1 bet=edl . the perSorioric:uld be present, <br />ldw. =rnc 1pa=cy olzivot <br />VI PUBLIC HEARINGS - NONE <br />VII PLANNING & ZONING ITEMS <br />A. Presentation of:Proposed Zoning Oddinance NO 70-1-0; It was noted that the. <br />ordinance has ben received by the Assembly alorig-ialith a letter from Research <br />Developers who have reviewed the ordinance and suggested changes, the majority <br />of which have been incorporated into the proposed ordinance. <br />SIII OLD BUSINESS - NONE <br />IX NEW BUSINESS <br />A. Ratification of Appointment of Civil Defense,CCordinators. The Eorough Chairman <br />has appointed the positions of City Manager, Chief of Police to act as Civil <br />Defense Directdk and Kodiak Conaunity Coordinator; such positions being held at <br />present by R. A. Jones, Acting City Manager !and Jack Rhines, Chief of Police; <br />Tony Perez has been appointed as Kodiak Island Defense awrdinator. Mr. Sutliff,' <br />moved for ratification of the appointment of these individuals as Civil Defense, <br />Coordinators, seconded by Mr. Jackson, motion passed by unanimous roll call vOte. <br />• <br />X CHAIRMAN'S REPORT - NONE <br />XI ASSEMBLY COMMIS <br />A. Mt. Jackson indicated that he felt other avt?ndes t_if revenue should be explored,,,, <br />he was in favor of income tax or resnlirrc tax or any way that would help the tarn <br />situa4ion. <br />XII AUDIENCE COMMENTS <br />A. Mr. Large re Kodiak Land Company, Bell's FlatS - It was pointed out that the <br />Kodiak Land Cappwly_might not be responsible for the condition of the site there,- <br />could be other people ihvcalrecl. <br />B. Mr. Fields - As a oemtpr of the Cattleman's Association, was indicatingaint4 <br />in the purchase Of the land which is now under lease by the Association, in Order <br />