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BUILDING DEPARTMENT — <br />Applicant to fill in between heavy lines. <br />BU�D� DRESS <br />�12_, A- <br />CLASS OF WORK <br />NEW I X, I DEMOLISH <br />LO LIC,9, TY Ir� <br />ALTERATION <br />ADDITION I MOVER I <br />NEAREST CROSS ST. <br />USE OF BUILDING <br />PERM ITTEE <br />NA NI *, 1SL kit t �j c ii L_ <br />(c�) <br />SIZE OF BUILDING I (0X LI.Q HEIGHT 1 z <br />�C J �(� } <br />NO. OF ROOMS <br />I <br />MAIL ADDRESS <br />P(.0,go'( 1:2:73 <br />NO.OF FLOORS <br />j <br />CITY TEL. NO. <br />I �f <! O661A <br />"/' <br />NO OF BUILDINGS NOW ON LOT <br />NO. OF FAMILIES <br />ARC ECT <br />ENGINEER <br />NAME <br />SIZE OF LOT Z,'-7/ Ac: <br />! (P t� <br />ADDRESS <br />USE OF BLDG. NOW ON LOT .--- <br />CITY <br />SPECIFICATIONS <br />FOUNDATION <br />STATE LICENSE NO. <br />MATERIAL <br />EXTERIOR i PIERS <br />CONTRACTOR • <br />NAME <br />WIDTH OF TOP <br />WIDTH OF BOTTOM <br />.I <br />ADDRESS <br />DEPTH IN GROUND <br />I " <br />CITY <br />R.W. PLATE (SILL) <br />STATE LICENSE NO. <br />SIZE 1 <br />SPA. <br />SPAN <br />GIRDERS <br />LEGAL <br />DESCRIPTION <br />SUBDIVISION <br />' 1 C P) 1-- �I <br />lRLK'. <br />JOIST 1sT FL. <br />JOIST 2ND FL. <br />LOT NO. <br />P-1 P-1 B ! p - �- <br />f ` <br />JOIST CEILING <br />" <br />EXTERIOR STUDS <br />^ <br />1. District ‘P.1) q <br />2. Type of Construction <br />I, II, III, IV, V, VI <br />3. Occupancy Group A, B, C, D, E, <br />F, G, H, I, Div. 1, 2, 3, 4, <br />4. Use Zone; <br />5. Fire Zone 1 204 <br />INTERIOR STUDS <br />ROOF RAFTERS <br />BEARING WALLS <br />COVERING <br />EXTERIOR WALLS <br />ROOF <br />INTERIOR WALLS <br />REROOFING <br />FLUES <br />FIREPLACE FL. FURNACE <br />KITCHEN WATER HEATER <br />FURNACE GAS OIL <br />[ hereby acknowledge that I have read <br />this application and state that the <br />above is correct and agree to comply <br />with all City Ordinances and State <br />Laws regulating b ' co truction. <br />Applicant .e <br />APPLICATION FOR BUILDING PERMIT AND CERTIFICATE <br />OF OCCUPANCY <br />BUILDING PERMIT NO. <br />S7o <br />VALUATION <br />5 o©' <br />DATE ISSUED <br />l A YST 7 <br />'BLDG. FEE <br />PLAN CHK. FEE <br />co <br />TOTAL <br />©D <br />BUILDING <br />PLUMBING <br />ELECTRIC <br />FOUNDATION • <br />ROUGH <br />ROUGH <br />FRAME <br />PLASTER <br />SEPTIC TANK <br />FINISH <br />SEWER <br />FIXTURES <br />FLUES <br />GAS <br />MOTORS <br />FINAL <br />• FINISH <br />FINAL <br />Esi 1 L-Q 1N & <br />3 `c' P_G d <br />12 'Rm G4 <br />By: . <br />Approved CHIEF BUILD G OFFICIAL <br />By: <br />2N11 AiZ13dO2!d <br />PLOT PLAN <br />STREET <br />MAP NUMBER <br />No. ASSIGNED BY <br />FIELD CHECK BY <br />DATE <br />PLANNING & ZONING INFO <br />TYPE OF OCCUPANCY <br />TOTAL FLOOR AREA <br />NUMBER OF STORIES TOTAL HT. <br />AREA OF LOT <br />FRONT YARD SETBACK FROM PROP. LINE <br />SIDE YARD SETBACK FROM PROP. LINE <br />REAR YARD <br />NEW CONSTRUCTION ALTER <br />CHANGE OF OCCUPANCY FROM <br />To <br />