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CONTRACT NO. 2005 -09 AMENDMENT NO. B <br /> AMENDMENT NO. 2, to the EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT between the Kodiak Island <br /> Borough and Rick L. Gifford, dated April 21, 2005, follows: <br /> WHEREAS, the KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH with offices at Kodiak, Alaska, hereinafter <br /> called 'Borough," and RICK L. GIFFORD who resides at Kodiak, Alaska, hereinafter called <br /> "Manager," entered into an EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT for services as the Borough Manager <br /> of the Kodiak Island Borough on April 21, 2005; and <br /> WHEREAS, the continuation of the existing EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT is desirous to <br /> both the Borough and Manager; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual exchange of the promises of the <br /> parties, the parties agree to amend the EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT as follows: <br /> Section 3.D is deleted and replaced with the following: <br /> Manager shall accrue annual leave of thirty (30) days annually with thirty (30) days provided in <br /> advance upon the start date of this contract and each anniversary date for the life of the <br /> contract. Annual leave can be accrued from year to year with a maximum accrual limit of <br /> seventy -five (75) working days (600 hours); however, Manager must take at least eighty (80) <br /> hours of leave annually. Annual leave use of more than five (5) days shall be noticed to the <br /> assembly at least two (2) weeks in advance, except in an emergency. <br /> Manager shall be permitted to cash in up to 80 hours of annual leave in excess of 80 hours. <br /> Such cash out shall be permitted once in a calendar year. In the event of a serious emergency <br /> the manager may cash out any accrued leave in excess of 80 hours subject to approval by the <br /> Mayor and Deputy Presiding Officer. <br /> The above amendment is effective retroactive to May 24, 2011. <br /> EXCEPT AS PROVIDED HEREIN, all other terms and conditions of the AGREEMENT <br /> dated April 21, 2005 as amended by Amendment #1 remain in force and effect. <br /> KODIAK ISLAND BROUGH (BOROUGH) BOROUGH MANAGER (MANAGER) <br /> i <br /> ?Jerrol Friend ck L. Gifford <br /> Deputy Presiding Officer LPND gh Manager <br /> Date: 1e51— ,W7--;(O11 rJ oZ v / / <br /> ATTEST: <br /> 91 gSKA <br /> Nova M. Javie , MMC, Borough Clerk <br />