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KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH <br />ORDINANCE NO. 2003 -07 <br />Introduced by: <br />Requested by: <br />Drafted by: <br />Introduced: <br />Public Hearing: <br />Adopted: <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH ASSEMBLY <br />AMENDING KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH CODE OF ORDINANCES <br />TITLE 2 ADMINISTRATION AND PERSONNEL <br />CHAPTER 2.43 PARKS AND RECREATION COMMITTEE <br />SECTION 2.43.010 COMMITTEE CREATED -- DUTIES AND <br />SECTION 2.43.020 APPOINTMENT, TERMS AND PROCEDURES <br />Assemblymember Bonney <br />Assemblymember Bonney <br />Borough Clerk <br />09/04/2003 <br />10/02/2003 <br />10/02/2003 <br />WHEREAS, the ATV Ad Hoc Stakeholder Committee was formed to be temporary in nature and <br />to work at the discretion of the Assembly; and <br />WHEREAS, both the Parks and Recreation Committee and the ATV Ad Hoc Stakeholder <br />Committee have been working on various types of parks and recreation and trails planning issues <br />during 2002 and 2003; and <br />WHEREAS, the Assembly is considering the dissolution of the existing ATV Ad Hoc Stakeholder <br />Committee but encourages their continued participation through the existing Parks and Recreation <br />Committee by changing the existing status of the Assembly and Planning and Zoning Commission <br />member seats from voting to "Ex officio" seats; and <br />WHEREAS, this would allow the Community Development Department to focus its attention <br />and resources on one committee charged with tasks stated in KIBC 2.43; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED BY THE ASSEMBLY OF THE KODIAK ISLAND <br />BOROUGH THAT: <br />Section 1: This ordinance is of a general and permanent nature and shall become a part of <br />the Kodiak Island Borough Code of Ordinances. <br />Section 2: Section 2.43.010 Committee created -- Duties is hereby amended as follows: <br />2.43.010 Committee created -- Duties. There is established the Kodiak Island Borough parks <br />and recreation committee consisting of nine (9) voting members who are residents of the <br />borough and represent a cross - section of the social and economic structure of the community. <br />One (1) assemblymember, one (1) planning and zoning commissioner, the city parks <br />and recreation director, the state park ranger, and a school board representative shall <br />be nonvoting ex officio members of the committee and may participate in all <br />discussions and assigned duties. <br />The committee is empowered to: <br />A. Identify existing and future recreation demands including indoor and outdoor recreation; <br />B. Evaluate existing and future recreation needs; <br />C. Generate priorities and action plans including a capital improvement program for parks and <br />recreation; and <br />Kodiak Island Borough, Alaska Ordinance No. 2003 -07 <br />Page 1 of 2 <br />