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<br />~ ~'I~()6 ~ <br />Perkins I <br />Coie <br /> <br />Gordon J Tans <br />PHONE (907) 279-8561 <br />FAX (907) 276-3108 <br /> <br />1029 West Third Avenue, Suite 300 <br />Anchorage, AK 99501-1981 <br />PHONE, 907.279.8561 <br />FAX 907.276.3108 <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />June 13,2008 <br /> <br />Rick Gifford <br />Manager <br />Kodiak Island Borough <br />710 Mill Bay Road <br />Kodiak, Alaska 99615 <br /> <br />Re: Legal Representation <br />Client-Matter No. 31790-0003 <br /> <br />Dear Mr. Gifford: <br /> <br />Thank you for selecting Perkins Coie LLP to represent Kodiak Island Borough ("Kodiak <br />Island Borough") in connection with Abell, et al. v. Kodiak Island Borough, et al. This <br />letter will also apply to any additional matters that we subsequently undertake at your <br />request, unless otherwise specified in a separate engagement letter addressing that matter. <br /> <br />The principal factors in determining our fees will be the time and effort devoted to the <br />matter and the hourly rates of the lawyers and paralegals involved. At the present time, I <br />will have primary oversight for Perkins Coie's representation of Kodiak Island Borough, <br />but if the matter is not resolved before discovery and motion practice begins in earnest, <br />my colleague Jim Leik will take over primary oversight. We assign other firm lawyers <br />and paralegals when necessary, beneficial or cost-effective and when desirable to meet <br />the time constraints of the matter. My current hourly rate for this initial matter is now <br />$210.00 and Jim Leik's currently hourly rate for this initial matter is now $250.00. These <br />rates are adjusted at least annually, usually on January 1. Services performed after the <br />effective date of the new rates will be charged at the new applicable rates. We try to issue <br />invoices for our fees and disbursements on a monthly basis. These invoices include <br />detail that most of our clients find sufficient, but please let me know at any time if more <br />detailed information is needed on our invoices. Please also refer to the enclosed <br />Information for Clients for specifics regarding fees, disbursements, billing, payment, and <br /> <br />31790-0003fLEGAL 143787891 <br /> <br />ANCHORAGE BEIJING BElLEVUE BOISE CHICAGO DENVER LOS ANGElES <br />MENLO PARK OLYMPIA PHOENIX PORTLAND SAN FRANCISCO SEATTLE WASHINGTON, DC. <br /> <br />Perkins (oie llP and Affiliates <br />