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<br />(! ~rd-Ot1J' -39 <br /> <br />ADF&G Coop 08-030 <br /> <br />MAY 2 9 2008 <br /> <br />COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT <br />between the <br />ALASKA DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME <br />and the <br />KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH <br />for <br /> <br />MAY 2 9 3lO8 <br /> <br />ANTON LARSEN BAY BOAT RAMP <br /> <br />l" ..~~,~ -"~'~'_'~-~~"..l <br /> <br />" ~ <br /> <br />This cooperative agreement is made and entered into between the Alaska Department of <br />Fish and Game, Division of Sport Fish, hereinafter referred to as the ADF&G and the <br />Kodiak Island Borough, hereinafter referred to as the KIB. ADF&G enters into this <br />agreement under the authority of state statutes AS16.05.050(12) and AS36.30.850(c) <br />and one or more of the following Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration programs: <br />Recreational Boating Access (CFDA # 15-605), Boating Infrastructure Grants (CFDA # <br />15-622) and Clean Vessel Act (CFDA # 15-616). <br /> <br />I. PURPOSE OF THE AGREEMENT <br /> <br />To improve public recreational boating and sport fishing access to the marine waters off <br />Northern Kodiak Island by constructing and maintaining a boat ramp and parking <br />facility in Anton Larsen Bay. <br /> <br />This project began in 1998 and was divided into two phases: Phase I - site selection, <br />environmental analysis, and preliminary design; Phase II - final design, bidding, and <br />construction. Due to an error in design and resultant Corps of Engineers permitting <br />violation, completion of the project was delayed. The parking area was completed in <br />2003. This cooperative agreement will address completion of the boat ramp portion of <br />the project and is supplemental to cooperative agreement #98-034. A balance of $80,400 <br />remains under agreement #98-034. This amount will be reimbursed to the KIB upon <br />completion of the boat ramp. <br /> <br />II. COVENANTS OF THE STATE <br /> <br />The ADF&G does hereby agree: <br /> <br />1. To reimburse the KIB for accomplishing the purpose of this agreement in an <br />amount not to exceed $140,000. The source of funding shall be 75% from the Federal <br />0-54 coop.doc <br />