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<br />~~NO.t-'Y~3(p <br /> <br />ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM AGREEMENT <br /> <br />THIS AGREEMENT is entered into by and between the Kodiak Island Borough, <br />Alaska (Borough) and the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce (contractor) for the purpose of <br />setting forth the terms and conditions pursuant to which the contractor shall be contracted <br />to provide economic development activities. <br /> <br />Section 1. INTENT OF AGREEMENT. The contractor is hereby contracted <br />to provide an economic development committee and staff to focus on economic <br />development planning and project development in the Kodiak Island Borough. <br /> <br />Section 2. SCOPE OF WORK. The contractor will provide staff who will serve <br />on the economic development committee drawn from the Kodiak Island community with <br />representatives from the City of Kodiak, Kodiak Island Borough, Kodiak Island outlying <br />communities, and with the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce. Staff will work with the <br />Committee to accomplish the following tasks identified in the document, such as: <br /> <br />a. Actively pursue business opportunities created by the completion of the <br />Kodiak-Kenai Cable Company, LLC fiber optics project. <br />b. Work with the Kodiak Branding and Marketing Committee in their efforts to <br />develop and implement a marketing plan and quality assurance program for <br />Kodiak seafood. <br />c. Continue to facilitate the Kodiak Fisheries Advisory Council and forward <br />recommendations on to the Borough Assembly. <br />d. Work with the National Marine Fisheries Service, University of Alaska <br />Fishery Industrial Technology Center, and local processors to achieve stability <br />and diversification in the fish proce,ssing industry by encouraging secondary <br />and value-added processing, harvesting of under-utilized species, and by <br />maximizing by-product utilization. <br />e. Work with the Kodiak Island Convention and Visitors Bureau to transform the <br />visitor industry into a significant component of the Kodiak Region's <br />economy. Provide results of data to the business community on the project <br />that measures visitor satisfaction of travelers exiting Kodiak Island via the <br />Alaska Marine Highway System. <br />f. Participate on the Kodiak College Advisory Council fostering their goals to <br />provide higher education options and opportunities for Alaskans. <br />g. Work with Kodiak College, the Kodiak Island Borough School District, <br />Kodiak Area Native Association, and other organizations to encourage <br />entrepreneurship and assist small business development <br />h. Continued participation and involvement with Southwest Alaska Municipal <br />Conference in their efforts to bring economic stability to the region. <br />1. Work with educational institutions, public funding entities and industry to <br />develop a comprehensive economically sustainable fisheries research facility <br />in Kodiak; <br />J. Explore new employment and business opportunities related to the Kodiak <br />Launch Complex; <br />