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<br />MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT .tt C. VXt6'-O~ <br />Delivery of City of Kodiak Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge to the Kodiak Island <br />Borough Landfill <br /> <br />The purpose of this Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is to identify the general responsibilities <br />of the City of Kodiak and the Kodiak Island Borough <br /> <br />Kodiak Island Borough will: <br />. Continue to accept sludge from the City of Kodiak Wastewater Treatment Plant at the <br />Kodiak Island Landfill unless or until operations at the landfill preclude KIB'S ability <br />to accept. <br />. In the event that the Kodiak Island Borough determines that they can no longer accept <br />sludge from the City of Kodiak Wastewater Treatment Plant, the City will be <br />provided with a minimum of six months notice of the determination. <br />. Work in cooperation with the City of Kodiak to utilize as much sludge as possible <br />with the least amount of stock piling on site. <br /> <br />City of Kodiak will: <br />. Continue the current adjusted treatment process in an effort to improve sludge <br />handling characteristics to make it easier for landfill operators to place sludge. <br />. Continue the addition of increased lime ratios that has improved sludge consistency <br />and made it drier and easier for co-disposal. <br />. Continue efforts to increase the percent solids and improve sludge handling <br />characteristics. <br />. Continue to pursue alternative options for sewage sludge disposal. <br /> <br />(:~ .,~~. g JILl /0 7 <br /> <br />"'''''' .";,l".. ',;,pate <br />'C"~:,~'~:>;) ~~ <br />, ,\. ~ <br />/ '. :/~~t'ij:l \ <br />f . ~~' .,2;~;?' ',' : j <br />~ /.~,' ''liR.'. . <br />:\' ,~'..'~., '\. i <br />\ ",,- ' <br />'\" ,;" <br />"'p.ft <br />~,-1> ".~"..""'_''''~' rf',) <br />"-1 ",; , A II C~O" <br />'-.)i'\ /.1 "(~"'.?' \ J <br />. ',A '\ v.... <br />'-..- <br /> <br /> <br />c:7f~ <br />L~ d, Manager <br />City of Kodiak <br /> <br />(j)yj1AM- ~ 1/Y!~ <br /> <br />Attest: City Clerk <br />Debra L. Marlar, CMC <br /> <br />