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<br />t! - :?t?tJS: / 'Z. <br /> <br />.~S~CIFIC <br />,. OFTWARE <br /> <br />Pacific Software Associates, Inc. <br />Service Agreement <br /> <br />This document is issued as a Client Services Agreement dated May 12. 2005 by and between <br />Kodiak Island Borough, AK and Pacific Software Associates, Inc. <br /> <br />DESCRIPTION OF WORK: <br /> <br />Operating System Upgrade. AS400 Support as Required. <br /> <br />Upgrade Planning and Preparation <br /> <br />o Establish upgrade plan with customer. <br />o Notify system users of production outage. <br />o Hold Job Schedule Entries during upgrades. <br />o Download PSP (Preventative Service Planning documents) and review. <br />o Work with customer to ensure system documentation is printed on hardcopy (PRTSYSINF). <br />o Work with customer to validate accuracy of software order. <br />o Work with customer to order Cumulative, HI PER, iSeries Access and Group PTFs. <br /> <br />Perform OS upgrade from V5R1 to V5R3 <br /> <br />o Save entire system on Model 820 using GO SAVE, Option 21. (Not included in time estimate). <br />o Adjust system values. <br />o Install License Agreement PTFs. <br />o Allocate additional storage for Load Source Drive (requires IPL). <br />o Install V5R3 Operating system and Licensed Program Products from media. <br />o Load cumulative, HIPER, Database, Java and Client Access PTFs. <br />o Add license keys. <br />o Review, Adjust and Reset system values. <br />o Examine, modify Startup Program as required. <br />o Setup Electronic Customer Support (ECS) as required. <br />o Setup Contact Information as required. <br />o Send 'Test Request. <br />o Order SF99530, SF99269. <br />o Setup Service Agents as required (Cannot use QSECOFR profile). <br />o Install and configure iSeries Access Express on administrators PC as required. <br />o Install latest V5R3 iSeries Access Service Pack as required. <br />o Setup NetServer as required. <br />o Configure work management. Examine printed documentation for changes. <br />o Work with remote connectivity as required. <br />o Modify Service Tools Profiles and Passwords as required. <br />o Work with other vendors as required. <br />o Test Connectivity and Applications. <br />o Generate IBM system documentation. <br />o Perform full system save. <br />o Assist with Web Registration for Electronic Proof of Entitlement and License Keys. <br />o Assist with Web Registration for access to Program Temporary Fixes. <br />o Perform other tasks as required. <br />o Provide knowledge transfer throughout the installation process. <br /> <br />1 <br />