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<br />ITEMNO.13A2 <br /> <br />Kodiak Island Borough <br />AGENDA STATEMENT <br /> <br />Meeting of February 17, 2005 <br /> <br />Contract No. 2005-05 <br /> <br />Contract No. 2005-05 to Provide Repairs to the Baler Building Tipping Floor at the Kodiak <br />Island Borough Landfill. <br /> <br />Swnmary: <br />The Baler building "tipping floor" is a concrete floor inside the baler building that garbage <br />trucks dump the community's daily garbage. The garbage is mechanically pushed along the <br />floor into the baler hopper and baled. At the end of the day, the floor is cleaned with chemicals <br />and with a high-pressure water hose. All ofthese activities contribute to the daily wear and tear <br />of the concrete tipping floor. Concrete damage ultimately occurs as the floor wears down. This <br />requires periodic repair and replacement. The tipping floor is currently in urgent need of repair <br />because of its condition and the fact that the last time it was replaced the concrete used was not <br />of sufficient strength to withstand the daily activities associated with processing the <br />community's garbage. <br /> <br />The concrete specified for this project is a mineral aggregate topping with a minimwn <br />compressive strength of 12,000 pounds per square inch. It is expected to wear better and last <br />ten times longer than the 8,000-psi concrete used in the previous concrete project. <br /> <br />In addition to the concrete work there this contract also will fill pressure cracks in the tipping <br />floor that have caused leaking into the lower level of the baler. A structural engineer was hired <br />to review the cracks and he suggests that these cracks may have been created or exacerbated by <br />the removal of concrete from an earlier concrete floor replacement job. That job included jack <br />hammering out the remains of the old floor. Though there is no concern as to the structural <br />integrity of the floor, a method other than jack hammering is recommended. The use of a <br />"scrabbler" has been specified for use in this project to remove the concrete (a scrabbler is a <br />more moderate method to remove concrete). The RFP that was developed for this project <br />requires that these cracks be pressure filled with epoxy joint filler. <br /> <br />KlB received one bid for the work requested. Brechan Enterprises submitted the lone bid in the <br />amount of $96,000. The Borough Engineering and Facilities Director recommends awarding <br />this work to Brechan. Brechan will be working with Belarde Brothers on this project. The <br />other concrete contractors in town did not submit a bid. While the new concrete is being added <br />to the floor, the community's garbage will be loosed filled. <br /> <br />FISCAL NOTES: ACCOUNT NO. 530-731-430-140 <br />DN/A Expenditure Amount <br /> Required: Af Budgeted: Not to exceed $96,000 <br />Approval for Agenda ~.;('. <br /> <br />Recommended Motion: Move to approve Contract No. 2005-05 with Brechan Enterprises in <br />an amount not to exceed $96,000. <br />