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<br />ITEM NO. B.A.l <br /> <br />Kodiak Island Borough <br />AGENDA STATEMENT <br /> <br />Meeting of: February 17, 2005 <br /> <br />Contract No. 2005-04 <br /> <br />Contract No. 2005-04 to Provide Repairs to the Leachate Treatment System at the Kodiak <br />Island Borough Landfill. <br /> <br />Summary: <br />Leachate is best described as the liquid generated after rainwater has flowed through the <br />landfill. By law, it has to be treated before it can be released back into the environment. The <br />leachate treatment system at the landfill was initially designed and constructed during landfill <br />closeout work in the late 1990's. The leachate is collected by an elaborate surface and <br />subsurface drain system at the bottom of the landfill slopes. It is initially directed into an "upper <br />pond" which contains a rock media. Leachate entering there is treated through an aeration <br />process and filtered through a sand filter system. It then flows to three constructed wetland cells <br />where it receives additional biological treatment before it is released to the adjacent surface <br />water flow. The leachate is sampled twice a year at a certified lab to identify any components. <br />Because of the large naturally occurring iron content of the leachate, iron precipitates out <br />during the aeration process in the "upper pond" and deposits a film over the rock media. When <br />this clogs the space or pores of the rock media, the upper pond overflows. The upper pond was <br />designed to be cleaned out every five years. <br /> <br />The Borough was recently issued a Notice of Violation from the Alaska Department of <br />Environmental Conservation to repair the leachate treatment system at the landfill because it <br />the upper pond was overflowing. It had clogged three years after it was last cleaned. A number <br />of repair options were suggested by CH2M Hill (the firm which designed the leachate treatment <br />system) and were evaluated. An RFP was developed based on the most cost effective solution. <br /> <br />Anderson Construction and Brechan Enterprises, Inc. responded to the RFP for the repair <br />work, which will make the leachate treatment system operational again. Their total bids were <br />$32,879 and $30,280 respectively. Staff reviewed each proposal and it is reconunended that <br />Brechan Enterprises, Inc. be awarded the contract. <br /> <br />FISCAL NOTES: ACCOUNT NO. 530-731-430-140 <br />o N/A Expenditure Amount Not to Exceed $30,280 <br /> Required: Budgeted: <br /> <br />I Approval for Agenda~~ <br /> <br />Recommended Motion: Move to approve Contract No. 2005-04 with Brechan Enterprises, <br />Inc. in an amount not to exceed $30,280. <br />