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<br />tJ-e:2tJoS:- () 3 <br />Administrative <br />Contract <br /> <br />AGREEMENT FOR CONSULTING SERVICES <br />KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH LANDFILL WATER QUALITY STATISTICAL <br />ANALYSIS & OTHER WATER QUALITY DETERMINATIONS FOR REPORTING <br />PURPOSES TO ALASKA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION - <br />SOLID WASTE PROGRAM <br /> <br />THIS AGREEMENT made this L day of January 2005, by and between the Kodiak Island <br />Borough (KIB) and Oasis Environmental, Inc., hereinafter called the "Consultant." <br /> <br />WIT N E SSE T H: <br /> <br />That the KIB and Consultant for the consideration hereinafter recited agree as follows: <br /> <br />1. Project: The Consultant agrees to perform services as necessary for the professional <br />completion of the project which shall be defined by the following Scope of Work and any <br />additional specifications and addenda thereto which are signed by the parties or incorporated <br />herein as part of this Agreement, which documents are hereinafter referred to as the Contract <br />Documents. The services provided shall be of professional quality, to the reasonable <br />satisfaction of the Project Manager. The essential project activities consist of consolidation of <br />historical data, statistical analysis and report preparation services to assist KIB in complying <br />with ADEC requirements for water quality reporting. Summary reports will fulfill applicable <br />regulatory requirements stated in 18 AAC 60, ADEC's November 29, 2004 letter (attached <br />as Appendix I) and KIB's water monitoring plan (attached as Appendix II). <br /> <br />· TASK 1: Project Planning <br />Review historical data and the KIB Landfill's Water Monitoring Plan (July 2000), <br />which will be provided to the Consultant to select the method of statistical analysis <br />that best suits the project data. The KIB has been conducting water sampling since <br />before 1998. However, until recently the parameters tested for have not been <br />consistent with 40 CPR 258 Appendix I parameters. All available data will be <br />provided to the Consultant. <br /> <br />· TASK 2: Statistical Analysis & Evaluation of Leachate and Weir sampling <br />results <br /> <br />Statistical Analysis conducted on GW-2, GW-3 and GW-5 for each constituent listed <br />in 40 CPR 258 Appendix I. For leachate and weir sample sites Compute a 95% VCL <br />of the mean or an upper tolerance level for metals and VOCs and compare those <br />values to the July 2000 KIB Landfill Monitoring Plan and Alaska water quality <br />standards, if applicable. <br /> <br />· TASK 3: Groundwater and Water Quality Summary Report <br /> <br />The landfill water quality report will address each of the numbered items listed on <br />Page 1 of the ADEC's November 29,2004 correspondence to Kill. A comparison of <br /> <br />\\dove\users\tmitchelMIB LF\Water monitoring\Agreement. Water Analysis Services. Oasis. doc <br />Page 1 of7 <br />