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<br />ITEM NO. 3.B <br /> <br />Kodiak Island Borough <br />AGENDA STATEMENT <br /> <br />Special Meeting of: January 10, 2005 <br /> <br />Contract No. 2005- 01 <br /> <br />Sole Source Contract for Reconstruction and Operation of <br />the Communi Swimmin Pool. <br /> <br />Kodiak Island Borough Code 3.16.020 "Limitation on Manager'~ Authority" states that a <br />contract exceeding $25,000 requires Assembly approval. This contract is a sole source <br />award for labor and equipment associated with the demolition of existing pool filters and <br />miscellaneous pipes, valves, controllers etc. as well as the installation of new pool filters, <br />piping, valves etc. to get the community's pool back in operation. <br /> <br />The Assembly has already approved purchase of new pumps, media, chemical controller <br />etc. This contract would provide the labor and equipment needed to remove the old items <br />. in preparation for delivery of the new filters in late January/early February. There is <br />significant preparation work identified. By performing the work now, we will be ready to <br />react when the new pool filters arrive in town. KIBSD maintenance staff will also perform <br />some work to the mechanical room once the failed filters are removed. <br /> <br />Staff is recommending a sole source contract with Tundra Plumbing and Heating for a / <br />number of reasons. We have a good working experience with Tundra Plumbing and they......., . <br />have a good reputation in performing this type of work. Getting the pool back in operating <br />condition is an overriding need. Tundra has a working history with the company providing <br />the filters. It is expected that Tundra Plumbing can provide some of the filter operational <br />training needs of pool staff that was identified in the proposal for new filter purchase by <br />W.M. Smith and Associates. That contract can be reduced in scope. <br /> <br />Staff is recommending a time and materials contract with Tundra Plumbing in an amount <br />not to exceed $40,000 to perform the above work. This means that we will only pay for the <br />work performed by Tundra Plumbing on an actual per hour basis and based on a cost of <br />materials basis plus overhead. But the overall contract will not exceed $40,000. <br /> <br />FISCAL NOTES <br /> <br />ACCOUNT NO. 430-545-452-160 <br /> <br />[0] Nt A <br /> <br />Expenditure $40,000 <br />Required $ <br /> <br />Amount <br />Budgeted <br /> <br />APPROVAL FOR AGENDA: <br /> <br /> <br />RECOMMENDED MOTION: Move to award Contract No. 2005-01 to Tundra bing <br />and Heating, Inc. of Kodiak, Alaska for time and materials in an amount not to exceed <br />$40,000. <br />