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Kodiak Island Borough <br />Community Development Department <br />j 710 Mill Bay Rd. Rm 205 <br />Kodiak AK 99615 <br />' Ph. (907) 486 - 9363 Fax (907) 486 - 9396 <br />httip�// <br />Print Form I Submit by Email <br />22353 <br />I VIII I IIIIIIIIIII I I <br />Zoning Compliance Permit Permit No. BZ2016-044 <br />The following information is to be supplied by the Applicant: <br />Property Owner /Applicant: Sarah Skimin <br />Mailing Address: <br />Phone Number: <br />Other Contact email, etc.: <br />Legal Description: <br />Street Address <br />Use & Size of Existing Structures <br />11539 Womans Bay Drive <br />654-9979 <br />Subdv: Bells Flats <br />11539 Womans Bay Drive <br />1,100 sq ft single family residential structure <br />Description of Proposed Action: Construct a 16'x24' art studio as shown in attached site plan <br />Block: 7 Lot: 10B <br />Site Plan to include: Lot boundaries and existing easements, existing buildings, proposed location of new construction, access points, <br />and vehicular parking areas. <br />Staff Compliance Review: Current Zoning RR1 KIBC 17.70 PROP ID 22353 <br />Lot Area: .97 acres <br />Front Yard: 25 ' <br />Prk'g Plan Rvw? Not Applicable <br />Staff Compliance Review Notes: <br />Plat / Subdivision Requirements? <br />Lot Width: 120' <br />Rear Yard: 20, <br /># of Req'd Spaces: 3 <br />No additional parking required <br />Bid'g Height: <br />Side Yard: <br />Subd Case No. Plat No. Bld'g Permit No. <br />35' <br />15' <br />