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6-12-77 <br />P.O. box P03 <br />Kodiak, Alaska <br />99615 <br />Kodiak Island Borough Assembly <br />Kodiak, Alaska 99615 <br />Dear Assembly Members; <br />I would appreciate your consideration on the two following matters <br />at your earliest convenience: <br />F'irot: I operate LOFKA, The Russian River General Store, which <br />Jrcunies_theground floor of my home on LotillABiack 7-Bells <br />Subdi-vision,and desire to find property to relocate adjacent. <br />Chiniak Road. (The Borough Office advises the only lot, in this <br />slrea, not being used or set apart for future,purposes is (Tract A <br />P-3), a 17.5 acre parcel generally leased as a gravel site. I <br />would request the assembly give permission for that portion of <br />(Tract A P-3) bounded by the Chiniak Road on the Southeast and <br />intersected by the Russian Elver on the Northwest be surveyed <br />off from (Tract A P-3) and leased to LOFKA for relocation <br />purposes, <br />Second: Otter Ave. and Russian Creek Road boundinp my property <br />at the Southwest corner and having no drainage allowances result <br />in a flooding of that corner of my property. I would request the <br />Borough give direction for the contractor of the Bells Plata <br />Sertice District to trench across Russian Creek Road and ingsd <br />doing I would provide a new, 186, 20', Aluminum culvert to be <br />used for the needed drainage. <br />Thank you for your kind consideration. <br />Fespectfully; <br />William/L. Fearn <br />L- -F1beN0 A-r 11e4a-a A 1-3 <br />