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Case <br />Date <br />Type <br />Date <br />KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH <br />COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br />CASE FILE CHECKLIST <br />File No. Assigned LL-81-490/ <br />Application Received <br />of Application <br />Site Plan Received <br />Date Fee Paid rtfAmount <br />Receipt Number Person Accepting Appl. ' <br />Use Z for Zoning, Variances <br />and Exceptions <br />CUP for Conditional Use Permit <br />LL for Land Leases <br />V for Violations <br />0 for all Other cases <br />Name of Applicant <br />Mailing Address <br />Name of Legal Owner <br />Mailing Address <br />/r)(74,6 <br />Phone <br />Legal description of Property: 4o-t-(--)- <br />Phone <br />not-F-77.5 8-/), <br />Subdivision 11.eav <br />Square Footage or Acreage of Property is <br />P & Z Public Hearing Date <br />Public Notices Mailed on //4/17/ How Many? <br />Applicant Notified of P & Z Action on <br />Date Date Date Date - Date <br />Action Summary Approved Denied Tabled 1st Reading 2nd Reading <br />P & Z ,/,74511/ <br />Assembly <br />Ordinance No. <br />Ordinance Effective Date <br />6.81 <br />