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KODIAI{ ISLAND BOROUGH <br />-/or <br />DATE: April 24, 1978 <br />TO: Borough Manager <br />FORM: Planning Department <br />SUBJ: Lease Application for K.I.B. Property; Tract A, Parcel P -8, Bells <br />Flats Subdivision. <br />On Wednesday, April 19, 1978, the K.I.B. P & Z Commission reviewed the land <br />lease application of Mr. Daniel Bayne referred above. During the course <br />of the hearing, a member of the Planning Commission requested that the <br />Planning Staff call Mr: Bayne at his home concerning his intentions. The <br />Borough Engineer reported; after talking with Mr. Bayne, that Mr. Bayne <br />did not wish to pursue the subject further, and requested that the app - <br />lication be withdrawn from further consideration. <br />