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A, <br />PLOT PLAN <br />arty <br />BUILDING DEPARTMENT — CITY / BOROUGH OF KODIAK <br />Applicant to fill in between heavy lines. <br />BUILDING ADDRESS <br />USS 2539 <br />CLASS OF WORK <br />NEW <br />DEMOLISH <br />tells Flats Alaska <br />ALTERATION <br />REPAIR <br />NEAREST CROSS ST <br />S a r gs.nt Creek Road <br />Z <br />0 <br />F <br />w <br />F w <br />Z <br />U <br />Z <br />a w <br />ADDITION <br />MOVE <br />USE OF BUILDING Warehouse <br />NAME <br />Scott Arndt <br />MAIL ADDRESSBox 489 <br />SIZE OF BUILDING 601)(156' Hf IGEIT 301 <br />NO. OF ROOMS 1 <br />NO. OF FLOORS <br />CITY <br />k <br />TEL NO <br />486 -4203 <br />NAME <br />Wince - Corthell & Assoc. <br />NO. OF BUILDINGS <br />1 <br />1 <br />NO. OF BUILDINGS NOW ON LOT <br />NO. OF FAMILIES None <br />APPLICATION FOR BUILDING PERMIT AND CERTIFICATE <br />OF OCCUPANCY <br />BUILDING PERMIT NO <br />/76 <br />VALUATION <br />R0,nnn_n0 <br />BUILDING <br />DATE ISSUED <br />27x/ /-77 <br />BLDG. FEE <br />103.50 <br />PLAN CHK. FEE <br />TOTAL <br />PLUMBING <br />/0 3 <br />ELECTRIC <br />FOUNDATION <br />ROUGH <br />ROUGH <br />ADDRESS <br />Engineers <br />SIZE OF LOT 27 acres <br />FRAME <br />SEPTIC TANK <br />FINISH <br />CITY <br />Kenai - Anchorage <br />USE OF BLDG. NOW ON LOT Industrial <br />PLASTER <br />SEWER <br />FIXTURES <br />SPECIFICATIONS <br />FLUES <br />GAS <br />MOTORS <br />cc <br />0 <br />H <br />U <br />1. <br />F <br />Z <br />0 <br />U <br />STATE LICENSE NO . 3874 -E <br />NAME O <br />Scott Arndt <br />ADDRESOx 489 <br />FOUNDATION <br />= INAL <br />FINISH <br />MATERIAL <br />EXTERIOR, <br />PIERS <br />WIDTH OF TOP <br />WIDTH OF BOTTOM <br />a <br />CITY <br />Kodiak Alaska 99615 <br />STATE LICENSE NO. <br />SUBDIVISION <br />Bells Flats Ak. Subd. <br />LOT H <br />P -R <br />DO NOT WRITE BELOW THIS LINE <br />1. Type of Construction <br />I, II, III, Iv,Q vl one hour <br />2. Occupancy Group A, B, C, D, E, <br />F, G, H, I, J Div. 1, 2, 3, 4, <br />3. Fire Zone 1 2 3 4 <br />DEPTH IN GROUND <br />4 <br />14 "x12" <br />2411x24" <br />4' <br />R.W. PLATE (SILL.) 2x6 <br />SIZE. <br />SPA._ <br />SPAN <br />GIRDERS <br />JOIST 1st. FL, <br />611 concre <br />to floor <br />JOIST 2nd. FL <br />JOIST CEILING <br />Tru <br />sses <br />60' <br />EXTERIOR STUDS <br />INTERIOR STUDS <br />ROOF RAFTERS <br />BEARING WALLS <br />2x6 <br />2x6 <br />Trusses <br />2x6 <br />COVERING <br />1611 <br />16" <br />3 plates <br />EXTERIOR WALLS Metal <br />INTERIOR WALLS <br />"Metal <br />17k ROOFING <br />FLUES <br />None <br />FIREPLACE FL. FURNACE <br />KITCHEN WATER HEATER <br />FURNACE <br />GAS OIL <br />I hereby acknowledge that I have read <br />this application and state that the <br />above is correct and agree to comply <br />with all City Ordinances and State <br />Laws regulatin buildingcnstruct ' on. <br />Applicant <br />FINAL <br />3N1"1 AlL13dO2id <br />This permit is issued in accordance with the Borough s <br />regulatory responsibilities under Title 15, 16, & 17 <br />of the Kodiak Island Borough code. <br />The Borough holds a possibility of reverter in the prop <br />for which this building permit has been issued. By <br />issuing this building permit the Borough is not consenting, <br />as owner of that property interest, to your performing the work described <br />permit, and the Borough expressly reserves all rights, as property owner, <br />regard to the construction you propose to perform. <br />The Borough Assembly has directed it clearly understood that <br />under this permit is done so soley at your own risk. <br />SETBACK <br />3N11 AlL13dO8d <br />STREET <br />(his /5 a_ d. <br />� <br />�# 700 /3 /7F <br />1/4.,7b( 7 /33r <br />Approved: CH�F BUILDING OFFICAL 2-7 <br />By: <br />in Lhe <br />with <br />all work performed <br />PLANNING & ZONING INFO. <br />ZONING DISTRICT Industrial <br />TYPE OF OCCUPANCY Industrial <br />NUMBER OF STORIES <br />1 <br />TOTAL HT. 301 <br />AREA OF LOT 27 acres <br />FRONT YARD SETBACK FROM PROP. LINE <br />500' <br />SIDE YARD SETBACK FROM PROP. LINE <br />500' + - <br />REAR YARD 240' &310' <br />Approved: ZO IN ADMINISTRATOR <br />By. tO <br />