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KOOIAK ISLAN ROUGH ASSEMBLY MEETING, NOV. 10, _ Page 3 <br />the lease failed, and now the Assembly must decide whether to <br />negotiate for another 55-year lease if 4r. Brasie wishes to pur- <br />chase the property, which he has to do if he expects to have <br />financing. The Assembly had no alternative other than to follow <br />the terms of the Alaska Statutes. Hr. Anderson moved to postpone <br />the issue and-have a worksession to try to answer the problem <br />with a full assembly present, along with the Borough Attorney. <br />Seconded by Mr. Peotter. Question called. Motion passed with <br />unanimous roil call vote. <br />VIII NEW BUSINESS <br />At this time Mr. Greene and Mr. Phil Balluta were present. Agenda <br />item V-D was presented. Mr. Peterson read request for appearance <br />from Mr. Greene. Mr. Balluta told the Assembly the one-room <br />school in Karluk wes too small for 26 students and one teacher. <br />They would like a two-teacher school. Classes being taught were <br />from Kindergarden through 3th grade, restrooms were out of doors <br />which made it very incorvenient and water was coming from a small <br />dam from a creek. Mr. Greene spoke of two issues re: village <br />school and town schools. A two-teacher facility was needed in <br />Karluk. .Request is for a massive rennovation or new facility. <br />He asked the Assembly to consider coupling a major rennovation <br />in Karluk with a number of other capital improvement projects; <br />diking of ci. t-nr 1 eeired in all of the villages; along with <br />some of the in-own projects such as the completion of the parking <br />lot outside the high school. The second request was for a work- <br />session with the Assembly and School Board to consider course of <br />action regarding capital project constructions in the villages <br />of Old Harbor and Port Lions. A total of 2.4 million dollars is <br />available for construction in the two villages as a result of the <br />Statewide bond issue which passed at the November election. A <br />worksession was sst for November 19, 1976 at 5 p.m. A represen- <br />tative from Karluk, Old cii er and Port Lions should be invited <br />to be present. <br />A. Letter from William Fearn re: Sign permit request for <br />fi Industrial Property, Balls Plats Alaska Subdivision read by Mr. <br />- Peterson. Mr. Fearn his regueeted piee.eement of an identification <br />sign near the intersection of Saegent Creek Road and.Cape Chiniak <br />t:1 Road on Parcel P-2, Bells Flats Alaska.S.Ubdivision. Mr. Anderson <br />moved to authlrize the permit for the placing of an advertising <br />sign as long tne is no :.arger than e' i and that the <br />e6 <br />sign will be -.7'mtain-,717-3777Is sta':2 to eecount for are <br />L4, <br />aesthetee decerce.etf.en In the eetu..•... ;;ecoreed hy r. Peterso.. <br />=, Question called. NotThn passed by enanimoue roli call vete. <br />B. Letters were read by Mrs. Wallirere: Lot 11, Block 2, Port <br />Lions Subdivision, First Addition & Port Lions Subdivision,. First <br />Addition ADL 38210, reeuesting weiver of taxes, penalty and <br />court costs on property foreclosed on by the Borough in 1972. <br />Mr. Peotter moved that the tax, pna1ty & court costs of lot 11, <br />block 2 be waved, Mr. Anlerson eecon ed. Question called, <br />motion passed by unenimoes roll ce).1 vote. <br />Another letter was read from Mayor Craig regarding the agreement <br />between Port Lions and the Borough stating the Borough has incur- <br />red survey costs to'-ling $30,05:3.72. Mr. Arel.erson moved that:.' <br />the agreement be re.feered to the attorney for re_earch in terms <br />of the agreement. Seconded by Mr. Peotter. Question called, <br />motion passeU-With erenimous roll call vote. <br />C. Tax Adjustment Request for Kodel_ak Livestock Corporation be- <br />cause of a computer eeecr. Mr. Peotter moved to accept the <br />adjustment request. rIconded by Mr. enderson. Question called. <br />Noeeee eeeeed by_enan' zfl_.1:1, .1 cell vo'ce. <br />D. First Reeding of Ordineece No. 76-19-0 was read by Mr. An- <br />derson by title o, 7.y r-,...zong to bueiness to include <br />Lots 23, 24, 4E, i ee.e Its 8, 9, 10, <br />in"- 1. 2A and 3, <br />