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ROYAL V. LARGE <br />2321 Spirit Lake Highway - Castle Rock, Washington 98611 - 360/274 -9958 <br />May 1, 2003 <br />U.S. Army Corps of Engineers <br />P.O. Box 6898 <br />Elmendorf AFB, Alaska 99506 -6898 <br />• <br />RE: FEMA # 9303838851445 <br />COE # 4- 910208 <br />ADF &G # FG -91 -11 -0419 <br />Stream #259 -22 -10010 <br />Habitat Permit FG -91 -11 -0419 <br />Dear Sirs, <br />During the last twenty years, I have been attempting to work with the Corps, as well as the State of <br />Alaska, to resolve an errosion, problem on Sargent Creek, with little response. <br />The problem, as I have laid out many times and on which 1 have spent significant money trying to work <br />out a solution, is severe erosion of my property and others along Sargent Creek. The stream bed is <br />located on U.S. Coast Guard property, but regulated by the Army Corps of Engineers. There have <br />been some haphazard efforts to control the problem, but none have been effective. <br />My tenants have been advised not to store their equipment on the portion of land that faces Sargent <br />Creek because I could not guarantee that the bank would not give way. Over the winter they have <br />moved out and cancelled their lease. However, I cannot sell, re -lease or plan for this useless portion <br />of my property until the bank is stabilized, but the taxes still go on. <br />I have been given a pile of paperwork for the permitting procedures to begin the solution that I have <br />proposed, but it is both emotionally and financially draining. Reportedly the file on this issue is, already <br />three inches thick. <br />The Kodiak Island Borough and I have jointly shared the cost of rechanelling in a project that was <br />doomed to fail. It worked for a short time. One would hope that we could learn from past mistakes. <br />As a result of my contact with FEMA on December 18, 2002, the following resulted: <br />1. Erosion was so prevalent in Alaska they could not possibly address and fund every problem; <br />2. FEMA, to their credit, found that I had been trying to work to get the ADF &G to address the <br />issue of Sargent Creek, but that their program didn't fit my situation. I was urged by Bill Lokey <br />of FEMA to reapply for the permit, as he felt the Corps of Engineers would now approve it. <br />What I am requesting now is for the powers that be take my plan and help make it work with the <br />appropriate entities in the most efficient manner possible. <br />