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KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH <br />March 10, 1983 <br />Mr. Lorne E. White <br />Strawberry Fields Nursery <br />Box 1661 <br />Kodiak, Alaska 99615 <br />Dear Lonnie: <br />Telephones 486-5736 - 486-5737 — Box 1246 <br />KODIAK, ALASKA 99615 <br />Thanks for your March 7, 1983 letter concerning the temporary <br />(March through June) use of Borough property for-the re- <br />placement of previously existing advertising signs. <br />. In accordance with_Chapter 18.50 of Borough_Code on_permit <br />,please accept this letter as your authorization to place <br />a 2'x8' sign on Lot_L_Block 5, Tract A, Bells Flats <br />Alaska Subdivision; and a 11x8' sign-on Lot 3-,-Block 2 <br />Russian Creek Alaska Subdivision, from March 10 to <br />June 30, 1983. <br />If you have any questions do not.hesitate to call me at <br />486-5736. <br />Sincerely, <br />4(e-i(6/41,001. <br />William A. Walton <br />Land Manager <br />jmj <br />