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Kodiak Island Borough <br />Community Development Department <br />710 Mill Bay Road <br />Kodiak, Alaska 99615 <br />Phone (907) 486 -9363 Fax (907) 486 -9396 <br /> <br />November 30, 2011 <br />Via: Hand Delivery <br />Ticket Number: K.I.B. Impound Warning Sticker dated November 15, 2011 <br />Additional Warnings: Oral Request to Depart provided on November 17, 2011 <br />NOTICE OF TRESPASS <br />ILLEGAL USE OF KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH PROPERTY <br />Mr. Craig Newbill <br />Post Office Box 8893 <br />Kodiak, AK 99615 <br />Dear Mr. Newbill, <br />Under the auspices of KIBC Title 18, Chapter 18.35, it has been determined that the <br />activity outlined below is not a permitted use, and, must be discontinued immediately. <br />The activity subject to this notice is: <br />Parking and residing in 1983 Ford Motorhome, VIN: 1 FDKE30Z2CHB05019, AK <br />License Plate: ECG139, on Kodiak Island Borough owned Public Use Lands Zoning <br />District property, legal description: Bells Flats Tract A Block 4 Lot 2, physical address: <br />10939 Bells Flats Road. <br />The motorhome you are parking and using as a residence on this K.I.B. owned property <br />is located for reference, and depicted on the enclosed photographic documents. <br />On November 15, 2011, a K.I.B. Warning sticker advising you of trespass and possible <br />vehicle impoundment was placed on the above - identified motorhome. On November <br />17, 2011, our department visited the property and personally contacted you at the <br />motorhome, warned you that your actions constituted trespass, and requested you <br />remove the motorhome and depart from the property. Both warnings went unheeded <br />and you continue to occupy the K.I.B. property from which your departure was <br />requested. <br />Your continued illegal occupation of this property is negatively affecting the surrounding <br />community. Our department has received complaints from neighboring residents <br />regarding excessive vehicular traffic to and from the motorhome and of the continued <br />\ \dove \departments \CD \CD -17 Property Files \Bells Flats \Tract A \Block 04 \Lot 02 \Newbill Notice of Trespass.doc 1 of 4 <br />