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• ZONING COMPLIANCE PERMIT <br />cw• Permi <br />$20.00 . <br />Kodiak Island Borough, Community Development Department, 710 Mill Bay Road (Rm. 205), Kodiak, AK 99615 <br />PH:(907)486-9362 Fax(907)486-9396 <br />1. Property Owner/Applicant: IR r <br />Mailing Address: Z7,0,6- M, 13i., 1 roZ,Z e-le_ e. Phone: 4! <br />2. Legal Description: <br />Street Address: <br />7r2 4 2 I <br />Tax Code: W2133(2010 <br />3. Description of Existing Property/Current Zoning: <br />Minimum Required Lot Area: 26, erts6 0 44- Width: 7S AI-- <br />Actual Lot Area:____2_13, 3 q 6- sq g4-- . 11-, 0676 A-etrec Width: <br />Minimum Required Required Setbacks: Sides: 20 A- Rear: <br />Front: 3 6 j2 J-- Maximum Building Height: <br />Use and size of existing structures on the lot: as _J-- 42/ <br />6 <br />%A.-CI SIC re,-1 <br />Number & size of parking spaces required per parkinglsite plan dated: le/Kg en <br />• e....'_1:1 0 / Iv 5 ,161,6.6,-.. cAcLee.,_ __ <br />A-- ) r ! <br />C4- S YV , i g a T <br />c.,-) <br />0 -street loading requirements: / D' y 3 0 / x tg,c (. tackdAK Spe,<A, a <br />P1at/subdivisioi related requirements (e.g. plat notes, easements, subdivision conditionedralnage plan review, <br />etc.) - <br />Other Requirements (e.g. zero lot line, additional setbacks, projections into yards, screening, etc) 5zil Ratiu.Z1z-4, <br />a eu \?-.Ifyt :I 01,11-- CL la2.1r I 03. 0 1/..-< t;c_ • _ . <br />tii.-12---5 vkit-54- L Ovi^ f)(6- (/;W p,,e-v--i-ty .-KA0,04LA_ s -c 3' c>.e.Ar- te.-16C..- I - . il . Ma <br />Coastal Management Program Applicable Policies (check appropriate category) <br />Residential Business • Industrial (./e Other <br />Is the proposed action consistent wiij the KIB Coastal Management Program: No <br />Attachment: Yes No <br />, t <br />Description of proposed action (attach site plan): <br />Cl„ C <br />60irliv041-00 • c/v. <br />• 4.41 cmteckcir, ebyo,e,e4a 'to 4-ee, rciivid • <br />NACKemplates. <br />vAR.4. t--;•4=eAktwst,40/ <br />a insveze kftei-e ee. • 60:1&13eye <br />Lfirrja- 4— P41/ s --La 4 A-Dcc, scPia OP4-4ze <br />, .14Ar vole; <br />td4 '7 <br />r — I <br />rlitij <br />2.002„ <br />CDREG <br />FIREG <br />viA • <br />Zojii0M9Enyliancyrs,iliiiiffee <br />Zoning CET 15:00:53 <br />PAID <br />$20.00 <br />HO Paid in Full *** <br />Kodiak Island BoTough <br />Kodiak AK 99615 <br />(957) 06-9324 <br />