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Vol. 41 No. III <br />�.IIL MIRRs)R <br />Monday, June 8,'1981 25 cents <br />Photo. by Jerry Martini <br />• Sixty- one- yearold Lawrence Panamarolf from Kerluk Village on Kodiak island holds up a 25 lb. king <br />salmon In front of his one-room cabin. The salmon was caught right in front of Lawrence's home on <br />the Kartuk: River. Lawrence says the fish Is a;''small" king and took about 15 minutes to pull in He <br />likes catching kings With light tackle such as a.fty rod and 6 to 1 lb. test line. Panamaroff is a for - <br />mer boar,gulde:but can't practice this - profession anymore• because of a heart-condition. Another <br />favorite hobby Is his daffodils that grow In front of his home. <br />Israeli planes attack lra <br />TEL AVIV, Israel' (AP) <br />Israeli': warplanes attacked and <br />destroyed Iraq''s nuclear reactor <br />outside Baghdad on Sunday, the <br />Israeli, military command an- <br />nounced today. <br />There was no immediate <br />confirmation of the report from <br />Iraqi authorities in Baghdad. <br />• The French -built 70- megawatt <br />research reactor, said to be <br />ready for completion this <br />summer, had stirred controversy <br />, <br />because its fuel could be used to <br />make nuclear weapons. <br />The, Israeli military. Said it <br />would not explain the reason for <br />the extraordinary action, carried <br />out by. Israeli warplanes against <br />a target 600 miles from Tel Aviv. <br />"We don't wait for the reactor <br />to be completed to destroy it," a <br />military spokesman said <br />Some 100 to 150 foreign experts <br />were working on the reactor and <br />reportedly were on a Sunday day <br />off when the Israeli: planes <br />struck, the command said. It <br />said all the Israeli planes <br />returned safely but it did not say <br />how many toot&. part in theat- <br />tack. <br />The surprise attack against the <br />Arab nation came during a <br />period of heightened :tensions in, <br />the Middle East ;because of <br />Israeli objections to the presence• <br />of Syrian anti-aircraft missiles in <br />Lebanon. <br />Last Sept. 30, a.week after the <br />outbreak of the Iran -Iraq war, <br />the Baghdad atomic facility was <br />attacked— but reportedly not <br />damaged — by warplanes <br />bearing Iranian markings.: One . <br />report at the time said the planes. <br />(Continued on Page 2) <br />Bells Flats; group <br />alts land sale <br />By DEBORAH TRASHER under water was of no value. <br />and DEBORAH NELSON. Therefore the appraised price of <br />Bells Flats residents have the 17 acre parcel was set for the <br />taken the first round in a legal price of a 14 acre parcel, states <br />battle. against. the Kodiak Island the suit. <br />Borough by :postponing the sale. "To sell the property without <br />of borough land which was including a fair market price for <br />scheduled for today. the lakes and the land beneath <br />BellS.Flats residents Bill them would cause immediate <br />Williams, John Bealey, Dave irreparable harm to the Plain- <br />Geddes, Mike Green, Al Lucas, tiffs and leave them with no <br />Bruce Maas, Mary Mathes and adequate remedy at law," states <br />Ellie: Sander filed suit m "Kodiak the suit. <br />Superior Court Ju a halt the At the April 2 borough <br />sale of tlock':3 Tract assembly meeting, over 50 Bells <br />Borough ' e. a la Flats- Russian Creek residents <br />Russian Creek area turned out to protest the sale of <br />The residents,.. `represented by the land leased by. Brechan. At <br />Kodiak attorney Dennis Nelson, the time of that meeting, the <br />claim that placing the land in land sale was scheduled for April <br />private 'ownership would ' 18. However, in spite of the <br />violation of Alaska Statutes, protests, the assembly voted to <br />since the borough would be delay the April 18, sale until an <br />restricting the use of the land_' appraisal was performed, and go <br />without an updated . Com- ahead with the sale which had <br />prehensive Land Use plan. <br />been slated for:today. <br />On June 5, the plaintiffs were At that meeting, former . <br />granted atemporary restraining planning and zoning commission <br />order by' Judge Daniel Moore, member and a resident in the <br />prohibiting the borough from Bells Flats area Debbie Walser, <br />selling the land 'until "June =22, told the assembly the borough <br />when there will be ,a hearing • should not sell any more land. in • <br />before. Anchorage Judge Victor the area until-the borough up- <br />.. Carlson .to-determine whether a dated its' ,Comprehensive Land <br />preliminary injunction should be Use Plan. That plan is supposed <br />issued to postpone 'further land to be updated every two years. <br />sales in the:area It was last updated in' 1966 It :s <br />Ju "dge ltloore further ruled that supposed to fuia:16h.tia a type of <br />the plaintiffs post 4'82,000 bond. giant blue print for the'borough, <br />, According'• to the-plaintiffs, ' showing which areas are <br />tnoney:for :this bond 'has been destined for industrial growth, <br />;donated by, the citizens of the which are suited for residential. <br />Womens;Bay Coinmumty growth etc <br />U.S condemns Israelis <br />WASHINGTON_ (AP) ='Fhe American F-4 Phantom jet <br />State Department on Monday fighter - bombers. in the raid. . <br />condemned the Israeli air strike The Foreign ; Military Sales Act <br />on Iraq's' nuclear reactor as restricts foreign recipients of <br />threatening to , heighten serious American weapons to using them <br />tensions in the Middle East only for self- defense, a provision <br />Department spokesman Dean which is in legal dispute. <br />Fischer said Israel used - Said Fischer: "The United <br />American military equipment in States government condemns the <br />the attack, Sunday on the nuclear reported Israeli air strike on the <br />installation near Baghdad, in Iraq nuclear facility, the un <br />"possible violation" of the terms '.precedented character of which <br />under which it was given to cannot be seriouslyadded to the <br />Israel. already tense situation in the <br />Fischer said a report on the area." <br />incident is being prepared for The spokesman was asked <br />submission to Congress in. . whether the United States <br />accordance with U.S. law. Israel disagrees with Israel's judgment <br />was believed to have used that the Iraqi facility was a <br />potential security threat to <br />Israel. <br />Fischer replied that Iraq is a <br />signatory to the nuclear non- <br />• 'proliferation treaty and has <br />undertaken to. accept the <br />safeguards of the International <br />(Continued on Page 2) <br />FORECAST: Chance of showers <br />Weather WINDS: . Variable 10 mph <br />HIGH:- 55 LOW: 45_ <br />MARINE FORECAST :.. Variable winds. 1f knots <br />SEAS: 4 ft. <br />OUTLOOK: Variable winds 15 Knots <br />According to Acting Borough <br />Manager Arnie Hansen, the <br />borough had, received one ap- <br />proved development and bid <br />for the postponed land sale. The <br />bid was from Brechan Enter- <br />prises, which has been . leasing <br />the land in question for the past <br />12 years fora sand andgravel <br />operation,: Brechan's lease with resource that land has, to offer, <br />the borough expired in .1979, and and of the necessity of providing <br />since that time he has been land in the borough for sand and, <br />leasing the land from the gravel extraction. <br />borough on a month to month. In, April Bells Flats - Russian. <br />basis; Hansen explained Creek residents combined their <br />The plaintiffs also claim that community : resources to <br />the lease agreement includes establish the Womens Bay <br />covenants which have never - Charter, a .burgeoning effort on <br />been enforced, to clean up the the part of the community to <br />property in accordance with make it more autonomous: <br />borough standards..: They 'also One reason for the establish - <br />maintain the. property, remains ment of the charter is to provide <br />in violation'. of the lease a common voice for the ;com- <br />agreements: munity at borough and state <br />Another' complaint in the suit levels of government and to <br />states that the appraised price of provide the proper control and . <br />the property was set at 816,000 an equitable use of funds and grants <br />acre, but that the appraiser for the continued development <br />determined that the portion of and improvement, of the corn: <br />the land which is submerged munity. . <br />At that meeting attorneyWaltt <br />Ebell, representing': Brechan, <br />told the assembly the borough <br />had the right to sell its land <br />regardless of the land use plan. <br />Many businessmen in the sand <br />and gravel business also testified <br />at that meeting, pointing out the . <br />great need in the borough for the <br />budget approved <br />By DEBORAH NELSON <br />• Of The Mirror Staff <br />The borough assembly at the <br />continuance of its • regular <br />meeting Friday might :passed the <br />borough budget as amended, but <br />it held off taking action on the <br />resolution which lays out the <br />distribution of funds. <br />Acting Borough Manager <br />Arnie Hansen said the mill rate <br />was set at 7 mills on real <br />property. However, since the <br />assembly approved a resolution <br />Thursday night lowering the mill <br />rate by 1.5 mills, Hansen said <br />. borough residents will be <br />assessed at 5.5 mills on their <br />property tax for one year. The <br />borough used . municipal. <br />KIBS301883 <br />assistance money from the state <br />to lower the mill rate. <br />In.addtionto the tax on real <br />property, borough residents in <br />Fire District I will .be paying 2.95 <br />mills on all taxable property <br />within the Fire District. That <br />mill rate is up one mill from last <br />year. Residents who live in the <br />road district in the Bells Flats - <br />Russian Creek area will be <br />paying four mills for the road • <br />district —down 1.2 mills from last <br />year. <br />Residents in the Mill Bay, <br />Island Lake and Spruce Cape <br />Road Service area will not pay a <br />mill rate this year for the service <br />district. They were taxed at one <br />mill last year. <br />