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17\ <br />71 F117 <br />1/( <br />r <br />DEPT. OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION <br />DIVISION OF AIR AND WATER QUALITY <br />Mr. George H. Cline <br />Soil Processing Incorporated <br />207 E Northern Lights Blvd., Suite 103 <br />Anchorage, AK 99503 <br />Dear. Mr, Cline: <br />March 17, 2003 <br />FRANK MURKOWSKI, GOVERNOR <br />610 University Avenue <br />Fairbanks, AK 99709-3643 <br />Director's Office:(907) 269-7686 <br />Fairbanks Office: (907) 451-2360 <br />Fax: (907) 451-2187 <br />http://www.state.ak.usidec/ <br />I am responding to your March 17, 2003 verbal request seeking confirmation that our <br />November 13, 2002 letter is still valid. The November 13, 2002 letter indicated that the <br />department had accepted the result of your latest source test and that you were able to operate <br />under the terms of General Permit 4. I have reviewed this letter and find it is still valid. Please <br />contact Beverely Williams at (907) 269-7574 if you have any questions concerning this matter. <br />Sincerely, <br />fV/t ,t-f//10-2-- <br />Robert P. Cannone <br />Air Permit Compliance Supervisor <br />cc: Kodiak Borough, 710 Mill Bay Rd. Kodiak AK 99615 <br />Bev Williams, ADEC/APP/Compliance/ Anchorage <br />900.16.082 <br />Clean Air, Clean Water <br />LOPMENT DEPARTIVin <br />