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• <br />CASE FILE ACTION LOG <br />Legal Description <br />Bells Flats Ak Sub Blk 3 Tr A <br />Street Address <br />224 Salmonberry Dr <br />Origination Date <br />July 9th, 2002 <br />Property Owner <br />Brechan Enterprises, Inc. / Lessee, SPI <br />Case Number <br />N/A <br />Date <br />Action <br />Initial <br />7 \09 \02 <br />Email complaint re: illegal propane storage w/ 3 <br />jpg(s): staff email acknowledging receipt of <br />email: fax from SPI "tankers are empty": follow - <br />up letter from staff to complainant. <br />M' <br />8 \08 \02 <br />Cc email complaining of lack of fencing around <br />property: 5 jpgs listed but not provided <br />DD <br />8 \14 \02 <br />Telephonic complaint re: propane storage: <br />forwarded complainant to fire marshal & <br />building official <br />DD <br />8\29 \02 <br />Staff field visit to site in response to several <br />telephonic complaints re: operations: photo <br />documentation of facility in operating mode: 4 <br />jpgs <br />M' <br />9 \05 \02 <br />Email complaint(s): 1_ placement of processed <br />soil next to propane tankers: 2_ steam & smoke <br />emissions: 3_odor: 2 jpgs: cc'd P. Horwath, fire <br />marshal, building official <br />DD <br />9 \05 \02 <br />Email complaining of "contaminated soil left in <br />the open ": 1 jpg: no violation determination <br />DD <br />9 \06\02 <br />Copy of SPI operations report for 8 \31 \02 <br />documenting emissions & wind direction <br />File <br />9 \06 \02 <br />Fax from SPI re: planned community protest to <br />be held on 09 \07 \02 <br />DD <br />9 \06\02 <br />Email exchange SPI / DD <br />DD <br />\\ Dove \Users4mlydick \word\Zoning Violations\ActionLog\Bells Flats Blk 3 Tr A SPI File Action Log.docl1/27 /2002 Page 1 of 3 <br />