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ALASKA DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION <br />AIR QUALITY CONSTRUCTION PERMIT <br />Permit No. 0125-AC007 June 22, 2001 <br />Brechan Enterprises, Inc. <br />HOT MIX ASPHALT PLANT <br />The Department of Environmental Conservation, under the authority of AS 46.03, <br />AS 46.14, and 18 AAC 50.315, issues an Air Quality Operating Peiinit to: <br />Operator: <br />• Brechan Enterprises, Inc. <br />2705 Mill Bay Road <br />Kodiak, AK 99615 <br />Initial Location: Longitude: 1520 29.6 W <br />Latitude: 570 44.94 N' <br />The project consists of the installation of one AESCO/MADSEN model DM7228 drum <br />mix asphalt plant, with a rated capacity of 150 tons of asphalt processed per hour. An <br />AESCO/MADESEN wet venturi scrubber will control Particulate Matter emissions. <br />The Department authorizes the construction and statewide operation of the Brechan <br />Enterprises as described in the March 27, 2001 application under AS 46.14.120. <br />John F. Kuterbach, Manager <br />Air Permits Program <br />GAAWQ\Awq-Permits\AIRFACS\ BrechanTonstruction \Asphalt Plant\ finlpermitdoc <br />