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KIB ASSEMBLY MINUTES - Nov. 6, 1980 PAGE 7 <br />5. Christmas party plans <br />December Assembly Meeting <br />6. Authorize expenditure of up to $2,500 for clean -up of junk cars <br />Mr. Peotter moved to authorize expenditure not to exceed $2,500 for <br />removal of junk cars and covering of same. Seconded by Mr. Anderson. <br />Unanimous roll call vote. <br />Mr. Peotter moved to continue the Assembly Meeting until 11:45 P.M.. Seconded <br />by Mr. Herrnsteen. Motion carried unanimously. <br />7. Disposal of East Elementary trailer - School will advertise <br />Mr. Peotter moved to authorize the sale as layed out by the Manager. <br />Seconded by Mr. Wakefield. Unanimous voice vote. <br />X NEW BUSINESS <br />A. Ord. No. 80 -48 -0 Amending The Schedules Relating To Pay Ranges And <br />Class Titles For Employees Of KIB And Providing An Effective Date (1st Rdg.) <br />Mr. Peotter moved to adopt Ordinance No. 80 -48 -0 and to insert on the <br />third line 8 percent. Seconded by Mr. Herrnsteen. Unanimous voice vote. <br />B. Ord. No. 80 -49 -0 Amending KIB Personnel Rules & Regulations, <br />Section 503 (1st Rdg.) <br />Mr. Anderson moved to adopt Ordinance No. 80 -49 -0. Seconded by Mr. Peotter. <br />Motion failed by unanimous roll call vote. <br />C. KIB September 1980 Revenue Report &. October 1980 Revenue & Financial <br />Report <br />Mr. Anderson moved to acknowledge receipt. Seconded by Mr. Herrnsteen. <br />Unanimous voice vote. <br />D. KANA /KIB /Mental Health Lease Agreement <br />Mr, Herrnsteen moved to table until December. Seconded by Anderson. <br />Unanimous voice vote. <br />E. Bid Award for 4KW Generator to Industry Services, Inc. <br />F. Emergency Generators - Port Lions <br />(Both E. & F. are same) <br />Mr. Peotter moved to accept the low bid of $8,308 from Industry Services, <br />Inc. of Anchorage. Seconded by Mr. Herrnsteen. Motion carried with Mr. <br />Anderson voicing objection. Mr. Arndt was out of the room. <br />G. Akhiok School Proposal <br />Mr. Peotter moved to grant the fees to Mr. Ecklund as pointed out in his <br />letter for the vertical and horizontal positions of existing utilities <br />near the proposed school site, tie test pits as located by the soils <br />Engineer and tie existing surveys for photo control not to exceed $1,500. <br />Seconded by Mr. Wakefield. Unanimous voice vote. <br />H. Application -for Lease of Lt. 4, Blk.2 Bells Flats AKSubd. - Olafson <br />Mr. Peotter moved to approve the lease to Mr. Ted Olafson for $123.33 <br />per year. Seconded by_ Mr. Wakefield. Motion failed by unanimous voice vote. <br />I. Application for Purchase of Gravel - Povelite <br />Mr. Herrnsteen moved to approve the sale of $1,000 worth of gravel from <br />site B -2. Seconded by Mr. Wakefield. Unanimous voice vote. <br />