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APPLICATION FOR BUILDING PERMIT AND CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY - CITY OF KODIAK - KODIAK ISLAND BOROUGH - BUILDING DEPARTMENT <br />Telephone: 486 -8070 • 486 -8072 Fax: 486 -8600 710 Mill Bay Road, Room 208 <br />(APPLICANT TO FILL IN ALL INFORMATION WITHIN BOLD LINES. PLEASE PRINT. USE A BALLPOINT PEN AND PRESS FIRMLY. <br />(OFFICE USE ONLY) <br />STREET ADDRESS: <br />y t.E 4 - > A/� ( . �L L, <br />CLASS AND SCOPE OF WORK: <br />SPECIFICATIONS: <br />BUILDING PERMIT NUMBER: <br />DATE OF APPLICATION: <br />LOT: _ BLOCK: <br />rE ,, j.¢.. 4 <br />NEW <br />DEMOLITION <br />FOUNDATION <br />FOOTINGS <br />STEM WALL <br />PIERS <br />ZONING COMPLIANCE: <br />DATE ISSUED: <br />ALTERATION <br />REPAIR <br />TYPE <br />SUBDIVISION / SURVF„ ': <br />ADDITION <br />MOVE <br />DIMENSIONS <br />VALUATION BASIS: <br />BUILDING PERMIT FEE: <br />DEPTH IN GRND <br />.._ <br />c-.Z.r.. -.:a t" 1—Z <br />O <br />W <br />N <br />R <br />E: <br />itYP1 C,J :7 tki kss e ,,. <br />USE OF BUILDING AUTHORIZED BY <br />THIS PERMIT: <br />REINFORCEMENT <br />VALUATION: <br />PLAN CHECK FEE: <br />BOLT SPACING <br />MAILING ADDRESS: <br />?-'1 J 4 a ;. ..'J 7.) 7 <br />CRAWL SPACE HEIGHT INCHES <br />OCCUPANCY <br />TOTAL FEE: <br />GROUP: <br />CRAWL SPACE VENT SQ. FEET <br />A B E F H I M R S U <br />DIV. 1 2 3 4 5 6 <br />CITY & STATE: <br />4 �j� <br />Are <br />.0 • T7' <br />SIZE HEIGHT <br />STRUCTURAL <br />SPECIES & GRADE <br />SIZE <br />SPACING <br />SPAN <br />NO. OF ROOMS STORIES <br />RECEIPT NO: <br />TELEPHONE: <br />4.9 7- 4/900 <br />NO. OF FAMILIES <br />GIRDERS <br />TYPE OF BUSINESS <br />GIRDERS <br />EACH OF THE FOLLOWING <br />STAGES OF CONSTRUCTION <br />REQUIRES INSPECTION BE <br />REQUESTED & COMPLETED <br />PRIOR TO PROCEEDING WITH <br />ANY FURTHER WORK: <br />FOR INSPECTION CALL 486 -8070 <br />A <br />R <br />C., <br />E.' <br />N <br />G <br />NAME: /1 <br />`j ,L, !}ice 712 ( <br />NO. OF BLDGS NOW ON LOT <br />JOISTS 1ST FLOOR <br />USE OF EXISTING BLDGS <br />JOISTS 1ST FLOOR <br />MAILING ADDRESS: <br />gt .. k 7J 7 <br />SIZE OF LOT <br />JOISTS 2ND FLOOR <br />WATER: PUBLIC <br />PRIVATE <br />JOISTS 2ND FLOOR <br />TYPE OF CONSTRUCTION <br />1 II III IV' <br />N 1 -HR FR H.T. <br />CI Ty, & STATE: <br />_', , f''i 4-t( <br />SEWER: PUBLIC <br />PRIVATE <br />CEILING JOISTS <br />INSULATION TYPE & THICKNESS: <br />EXTERIOR WALLS <br />TELEPHONE: <br />' <br />• - % '' 4 .) <br />FOUNDATION <br />BEARING WALLS <br />INTERIOR WALLS <br />EXCAVATION <br />STATE LICENSE: <br />WALLS <br />ROOF RAFTERS <br />UNDERGROUND UTILITIES <br />ROOF / CEILING <br />TRUSSES <br />DRIVEWAY PERMIT: <br />FOUNDATION / SETBACKS <br />SUBMITTED <br />FRAMING <br />C <br />O <br />N <br />T <br />R <br />A <br />C <br />T <br />0 <br />R <br />NAME: <br />A-IL )J.S 772 <br />SHEATHING TYPE & SIZE: <br />FURNACE TYPE: <br />FLOOR <br />APPROVED <br />ROUGH ELECTRICAL <br />MAILING ADDRESS: <br />- r..:-'.' <br />•`x 3 7 7 <br />WOOD HEATER YES NO <br />TYPE <br />ROUGH PLUMBING <br />WALLS <br />ADEC APPLICATION: <br />FINAL <br />DATE C.O. ISSUED: <br />SUBMITTED <br />CITY & STATE: <br />�_ ' / ‘ <br />� t3 ' "` M "� <br />ROOF <br />I HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE READ THIS APPLICATION, <br />THAT IT IS CORRECT AND THAT I AGREE TO COMPLY WITH ALL <br />ORDINANCES AND LAWS REGULATING BUILDING CONSTRUCTION <br />APPLICANT: <br />FINAL APPROVAL <br />TELEPHONE: `� <br />4 ; J 4' LZ ) <br />FINISH MATERIAL: <br />ALASKA FIREMARSHAL REVIEW: <br />SUBMITTED: APPROVED: <br />ROOF <br />STATE LICENSE: <br />EXTERIOR SIDING <br />APPROVED - BUILDING OFFICIAL: <br />INTERIOR WALLS _ <br />NOTES: <br />r <br />ev 1- <br />)1 1 II i -t1 <br />PRINTED IN KODIAK, ALASNS BY PRII. o- KOLHAF <br />