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21 September 2012 <br />Mr. Jack Maker <br />Code Enforcement Officer <br />Kodiak Island Borough <br />710 Mill Bay Road <br />Kodiak, AK 99615 <br />Re: Bells Flats TR E of TR A Letter of Courtesy and Advisory (August 24) <br />Dear Mr. Maker, <br />I received your above referenced letter on August 315t. This is delay is due to the fact our mail is not delivered at Pasagshak and <br />only picked up on limited trips to town. Immediate action was taken on your letter that same day. <br />Please accept the facts below as proof that we are voluntarily performing your requested actions: <br />Item #1) Repair the damaged portions of your properties fence. <br />A meeting was conducted with A -1 Timber on August 315` to discuss the fence issue. The down sections of <br />fence were discussed and the fence was put back up. Subsequent actions have also taken place to install <br />more fence ties along the entire section on Sargent Creek Road. <br />Item #2) Install gates at the fence entrance /exit opening along Sargent Creek Road (southwest) side of our property. <br />This item is being addressed but not yet completed. It will however be complete by the end of October <br />which I believe is reasonable given the changes we are making. We are installing different end posts on both <br />sides of these areas to facilitate more secure mounting for the gates. These openings are approximately 80 <br />feet wide to allow the truck /trailer combinations to enter and leave the property without crossing into the <br />other traffic lane. The width of the opening prevents the use conventional chain -link gates. Lighter rollup <br />safety fences gates were used initially but these fail during the high winds and heavy snow we receive. <br />We will be installing the new end posts on both driveways and switching to a cable gate that can be <br />stretched across the opening. Warning /keep -out signs are currently in place at these opening and will be re- <br />installed on the new gate posts. Additional signs will be installed on the cables. This item requires <br />coordination with the local utility companies and a contractor to make sure the utility cables are damaged <br />during the digging and installation of the posts. <br />Item #3) Install fencing along the West Rezanof Drive (southeast) side of your property. <br />This item is complete. We complied with this action item but do not agree with the validity of this action. <br />This area fenced off with this short piece of fence is basically the highway right -of -way where no pedestrian <br />traffic is supposed to occur. <br />Item #4) Regularly maintain your properties fencing so as to continuously reduce the possibility of unauthorized or casual <br />entry. <br />Regular fence maintenance was discussed with A -1 Timber during the meeting on August 315t. The <br />maintenance intervals have been shortened to provide more and improved maintenance on the fence. <br />The four actions you requested were immediately looked into and we feel are adequately being addressed to meet the terms of <br />your letter. In your letter you also asked that I contact you if I have any questions or concerns. I do have a serious concern ,that <br />is not being addressed by anyone at the Borough up and including the previous Borough Manager. I am attaching copies of <br />written correspondence that I have sent without receiving written reply on either from anyone involved with the Borough. I <br />have also had multiple phone conversations and written communications with Mr. Conrad, Mr. Cassidy, and Mr. Gifford that to <br />date have not resulted in any type of action on the Borough's behalf. <br />