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S if <br />\ <br />A <br />; <br />_1 \hi-11 <br />DEPT. OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION <br />DIVISION OF ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH <br />SOLID WASTE PROGRAM <br />555 CORDOVA STREET <br />ANCHORAGE, ALASKA 99501 <br /> <br />June 17, 1997 <br />Mr. Bill Oliver <br />Brechan Enterprises <br />2705 Mill Bay Road <br />Kodiak, Alaska 99615 <br />Re: Expired Solid Waste Disposal Permit No. 8621-BA019 <br />Dear Mr. Oliver: <br />TONY KNOWLES, GOVERNOR <br />Telephone: (907) 269-7590 <br />Fax: (907) 269-7655 <br />Recently we received an inquiry about waste disposal activities in the Bells Flats area of Kodiak <br />Island. We have reviewed our records and wanted to notify you that the solid waste disposal <br />permit (No. 8621-BA019) issued to Brechan Enterprises has expired. The expired permit, issued <br />to Brechan Enterprises on May 7, 1987, allowed the disposal of inert debris in an area known as <br />Bells Flats. The referenced permit prohibited the disposal of metals, garbage, asphalt, or any <br />other leachable waste. <br />Please provide the required documentation described in the permit showing the closure <br />conditions have been met. Also, be aware that a permit issued by our Department is required to <br />dispose of solid waste. This is separate from, and may be in addition to, a Conditional Use <br />permit which may be required by the Kodiak Island Borough.. <br />If Brechan Enterprises has a future need to dispose of limited volumes of inert waste, you may <br />want to apply for coverage under our General Permit for this type of operation, otherwise an <br />individual permit will be required. Permit applications are available at ADEC's offices or if you <br />request we can send one to you. If you have any questions or need additional information, <br />please do not hesitate to call me at above phone number. <br />Sincerely, <br />atUal <br />Laura Ogar <br />Solid Waste Program Coordinator <br />cc: Bill Rieth, ADEC/Anchorage <br />Everett Stone, ADEC/Kodiak <br />Linda Freed, MB <br />COMMUNITY-DEVELOPIVIENT <br />DEPARTMENT <br />..3;"inteci <br />