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from the side property line, which would have allowed the project to meet the side yard setback <br />requirement. <br />2. The strict application of code would require modification of the deck or a reduction in the size of <br />the accessory building. The noted development constraints of the parcel would have a <br />negligible effect on the applicant's ability to perform either of those actions and bring the project <br />into compliance with the setback requirement <br />3. Granting the variance has the potential to negatively impact safety and result in material <br />damage and prejudice to the adjoining property. Placement of the accessory building 1.5' from <br />the property line would increase the potential for the spread of fire and water run-off onto the <br />adjoining property. Such placement of the building would also reduce privacy and could <br />require access from the adjoining property for safe and proper maintenance of the building. <br />4. Granting the variance would not be contrary to the objectives of the Comprehensive Plan. The <br />Comprehensive Plan is a general policy guideline that does not specifically, address the issue <br />of variances. <br />5. The applicant is requesting relief from a self-imposed inconvenience. The deck that was <br />constructed to serve as the foundation for the accessory building was placed too close to the <br />side property line. <br />6. An accessory building is .a permitted land use in the R2 zoning district. <br />ROLL CALL VOTE ON MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY <br />B) Case 15-006. Request a Site Plan Review for the construction of an addition to the <br />Womens Bay Fire Hall (KIBC 17.130.020). The applicant is the Kodiak Island Borough and <br />the agent is Jenson Yorba Lott, Inc. The location is 538 Sargent Creek Road and the zoning <br />is PL-Public Use Lands. <br />Lydick reported a site plan review by the commission for the construction of a public use facility is <br />required per KIBC 17.130.020, and is focused on the proposed addition of a $,300 sq. foot addition <br />to the existing fire hall and upper floor dwelling unit. The purposed uses of the proposed addition of <br />a day room are not illustrated in the application and additional inquiries of actual' use may be in <br />order. Staff reviewed the materials submitted and have determined that the minimum requirements <br />for commission review have been met. Nine public hearing notices related to this request were <br />mailed and no written comments were returned. Staff recommended approval of this site plan <br />subject to 1 condition of approval. <br />In response to COMMISSIONER PAINTER'S inquiry if there is a flood hazard for this area and is <br />this in a potential flood plain, Pederson stated the Kodiak Island Borough does not participate in <br />the National Flood Insurance Program therefore there are no flood insurance rate maps for the <br />borough. Pederson doesn't anticipate any problems for this project. <br />COMMISSIONER ARNDT MOVED to approve the site plan for the construction of an addition to <br />the Womens Bay Fire Hall per KIBC 17.130.020, subject to one condition of approval, and to adopt <br />the findings of fact in the staff report dated October 3, 2014, as findings of fact for Case No. 15- <br />006. <br />Close regular meeting & open public hearing: <br />No public testimony. <br />Close public hearing & open regular meeting: <br />In response to CHAIR TORRES' inquiry if Dave Conrad had ever seen this lot flood, Conrad stated <br />no, it has not. <br />CONDITION OF APPROVAL <br />1. The developer is required to submit a parking plan that conforms to the standards of Kodiak <br />Island Borough Code 17.175.080. <br />10/15/2014 P&Z Minutes Page 3 of 6 <br />