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Jim Graham & John Zbitnoff <br />PO Box 3147 <br />Kodiak, AK 99615 <br />Kodiak Island Borough <br />710 MILL BAY ROAD <br />KODIAK, ALASKA 99615-6398 <br />February 22, 1996 <br />RE: Case 96-004. Request for a conditional use permit, in accordance with Section <br />17.29.020.B of the Borough Code, to permit a new eleven (11) unit Single Resident <br />Occupancy structure to be located on a lot in the I-Industrial zoning district. Tract E of <br />Tract A, Bells Flats Alaska Subdivision. <br />Dear Mr. Graham and Mr. Zbitnoffi. <br />The Kodiak Island Borough Planning and Zoning Commission at their meeting on February 21, <br />1996, granted the conditional use permit request cited above, subject to the following conditions: <br />1. Documentation that engineered water supply and septic systems, as approved by ADEC, <br />are available, with capacity to support the intensity of the proposed uses and meeting the <br />separation requirements of ADEC regulations. <br />2. Review and approval by both the State Fire Marshall and the Womans Bay Fire Service <br />District Chief to insure that adequate water supply is available to meet potential fire <br />emergency needs. <br />THIS APPROVAL DOES NOT ALLOW ANY CONSTRUCTION TO BEGIN. Zoning <br />compliance and/or a building permit must first be obtained. An approved conditional use permit <br />must be permitted within a two year period to be valid. Please contact this office for further <br />details. <br />An appeal of this decision may be initiated by any party, by filing a written notice of appeal with <br />the Borough Clerk within twenty (20) days of the date of the Commission's decision. The notice <br />of appeal must state the specific grounds for the appeal and the relief sought by the appellant, and <br />be accompanied by the appropriate appeal fee. Therefore, the Commission's decision will not be <br />final and effective until twenty (20) days following the decision. <br />This letter shall constitute the conditional use permit. Please bring it when you come to our office <br />to obtain zoning compliance for any construction on the property. <br />