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DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME <br />HABITAT AND RESTORATION DIVISION <br />FG 96 -11 -0501 <br />October 29, 1996 <br />Mr. Royal Large <br />Box 2634 <br />Kodiak, Alaska 99615 <br />Dear Mr. Large: <br />TONY KNOWLES, GOVERNOR <br />333 RASPBERRY ROAD <br />ANCHORAGE, ALASKA 99518 -1599 <br />PHONE: (907) 344 -0541 <br />NOV - 51996 <br />COMMUNITY RTM <br />DEPARTMENT <br />Re: Closure of Application for Fish Habitat Permit - Sargent Creek <br />Section 31, T. 28 S., R. 20 W., S.M.; Stream No. 259 -22 -10010 <br />The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF &G) has not received a response <br />from you to our June 10, 1996 request for additional information, concerning your <br />• <br />proposal to do some bank stabilization work at the referenced location. The <br />information submitted in your original request was incomplete. Because the normal <br />work season for the type of work proposed has passed, we are closing the pending <br />file for this project. <br />If you wish to pursue doing the work during 1997, please complete the Coastal <br />Project Questionnaire we mailed to you and also provide a complete set of plans <br />and drawings which respond to the questions listed in our June 10, 1996 letter. <br />As an advisory, if you wish to reapply, please allow at least 30 days processing <br />time prior to planning to commence work. Allow even more time (up to 50 or 60 <br />days minimum) if the work would require an authorization or permit from the U.S. <br />Army Corps of Engineers. <br />Sincerely, <br />C. Wayne Dolezal <br />Habitat Biologist <br />Region 11 <br />Habitat and Restoration Division <br />(907) 267 -2285 <br />cc: W. Donaldson, ADF &G <br />J. McCullough, ADF &G <br />L. Schwarz, ADF &G <br />H. Hannafious, COE <br />L. Freed, KIB <br />11- K107LH <br />