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Kodiak Island Borough <br />CERTIFIED MAIL <br />RETURN RECEIPT #P105 558 493 <br />Kodiak Livestock Cooperative <br />P.O. Box 273 <br />Kodiak, AK 99615 <br />710 MILL BAY ROAD <br />KODIAK, ALASKA 99615-6340 <br />PHONE (907) 486-5736 <br />December 9, 1993 <br />iewwwvoo3o <br />Re: Lot 3, Block 4, Tract A, Bells Flats Subdivision <br />'Illegal Dwelling <br />Dear Livestock Co-op Members: <br />FILE <br />This letter follows up recent phone conversations with two members of the <br />Livestock Co-op, as well as with occupants of both the apartment in the <br />slaughterhouse and the mobile home on the Bells Flats Road side of the <br />property, and confirms notification of all these parties involved that only one <br />of these two dwelling units is permitted by Borough Code Section 17.24.010.K <br />to be legally occupied on the I-Industrial zoned property referenced above. <br />This is the third time since 1989 that the Livestock Co-op has received <br />notification from this office concerning zoning violations related to trailers <br />being illegally occupied on this property. The situation now is exactly the <br />same as in June, 1989 when the Livestock Co-op was notified by certified <br />mail that only " (1) dwelling unit for a watchman or caretaker can be <br />permitted on Industrial (I) zoned property." In the interim between 1989 and <br />now, a temporary exception was granted by the Planning and Zoning <br />Commission on July 20, 1989 (Case 89-041) to permit a second dwelling unit <br />to be occupied on the property. This exception, as clearly noted on the <br />corresponding zoning compliance permit (BZ-90-066), expired on September <br />1, 1992. <br />Since a zoning compliance permit had previously been issued in August of <br />1988 (B-88-106) for the mobile home to be occupied as the permitted <br />caretaker/watchman dwelling unit, the exception granted for a second <br />dwelling unit in 1989 was applied to the existing apartment in the <br />slaughterhouse. <br />