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se 12 -025. Request a Review of proposed Assembly ordinance that seeks to exempt hoo <br />ho installation from the requirements of the Borough zoning code by relaxing va 'o <br />zoning gulations affecting setbacks, lot coverage, building height and the installatio i s f hoop <br />houses on : lot without a main structure. The applicant is the Kodiak Island Boron : Assembly. <br />The location' various residential zoning districts throughout the island and the oning varies. <br />Cassidy reported p ently staff looks at hoop houses as an accessory buildin_ at have regulations <br />associated with its he' : • t, setback, and location. Staff has been working wi gardeners in crafting a <br />new ordinance. This ordin :. ce promotes hoop houses by relaxing th-, ypical building and zoning <br />regulations. The borough attor - has helped draft it. <br />COMMISSIONER VAHL MOVED to ward Ordinance F\2010 .. ordinance relaxing portion of Title <br />15 (Building Code) and Title 17 (Zon Code) to the Bo •ugh Assembly recommending that this <br />ordinance be adopted and incorporated in he Borouge ode. <br />The public hearing was opened & closed. Public t ony was given by: <br />Marie Rice spoke in support of the request s <br />thanked the commission. <br />g she as been hoop housing long for years. Rice also . <br />Marion Owen spoke in support of t - request thanking the c• mission and stating it takes a lot of <br />courage for a community to emb <br />e something new like hoop hou - s. <br />During discussion, commi oners expressed concern with drainage 1 ues and the 1 foot setback. <br />There was consensus t• mend the motion to add to have a review every 2 ; ars of the ordinance and <br />strike the word `pia zc "from lines 74 and 94. <br />OOMMISSIO ' WATKINS MOVED to amend the motion to add "Whereas, there wil e a review every <br />two years • this ordinance, and to strike the word "plastic" from lines 74 and 94." <br />RO VOTE ON MOTION TOAMEND CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY <br />OLL CALL VOTE ON MOTION AS AMEVDED CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY <br />E) Case 12 -017. Request a Variance, from KIBC (Rear Yards), in accordance with <br />KIBC 17.195.050 (Variances), to allow the construction of a building encroaching fifteen feet <br />into the required twenty foot rear yard setback. The applicant is Jeff Steele and the agent is Ken <br />Knowles. The location is 220 Sargent Creek Road and the zoning is I Industrial. <br />Cassidy reported the applicant has withdrawn his request for a variance and he will have a rezone <br />before you at the January regular meeting. <br />BUSINESS <br />There wa -- •ne <br />NEW BUSINESS <br />There was none. <br />COMMUNICATIONS <br />A) November Planning &Zoning Case Resul <br />B) Letter of Courtesy &Advisory Re: Storm- .nd Proc ng Junk Vehicles On Property Not Zoned For <br />Use <br />C) Letter of Courtesy & Advi ' e: Vehicle Storage on Property • . •ned For Such Use <br />D) Letter of Trespass <br />E) Letter of Co - sy & Advisory Re: Gavel Extraction <br />F) Notic respass <br />ssidy gave a brief report on the communications. <br />12/21/2011 <br />PAr7. Minutes. <br />Page 5 of6 <br />