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Royal Large <br />P.O. Box 2634 <br />Kodiak, Alaska 99615 <br />Kodiak Island Borough <br />710 MILL BAY ROAD <br />KODIAK, ALASKA 99615-6340 <br />PHONE (907) 486-5736 <br />January 21, 1993 <br />RE: Case 93-001. Request for a variance from Section 17.24.040A <br />(Yards) of the Borough Code to permit a storage building to encroach <br />no more than 18 feet into the required 30 foot front setback on a lot <br />in the I--Industrial Zoning District. Tract D-1 of Tract A, Bells Flats <br />Alaska Subdivision, 142 Sargent Creek Road. <br />Dear Mr. Large: <br />The Kodiak Island Borough Planning and Zoning Commission at their <br />meeting on January 20, 1993, granted the conditional use permit <br />request cited above, subject to the following condition: <br />Access to and parking for the proposed structure shall be prohibited <br />adjacent to Sargent Creek Road and in front of the proposed structure. <br />The intent of this condition is to prohibit a loading dock and/or parking <br />in front of the building adjacent to Sargent Creek Road. <br />THIS APPROVAL DOES NOT ALLOW ANY CONSTRUCTION TO BEGIN. <br />Zoning compliance and/or a building permit must first be obtained. Please <br />contact this office for further details. <br />An appeal of this decision may be initiated by; 1) the applicant, or 2) any <br />person who was sent a written notice or submitted timely written comments <br />or gave oral testimony at the public hearing before the Commission, by filing <br />a written notice of appeal with the Borough Clerk within twenty (20) working <br />days of the date of the Commission's decision. ' The notice of appeal must <br />state the specific grounds for the appeal and the relief sought by the <br />appellant. Therefore, the Commission's decision will not be final and <br />effective until twenty (20) working days following the decision. <br />