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FY2004-61 Hickey & Assoc.[Icon] 2 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2006-39 #3 Alaska Pacific Environmental Extension of Contract[Icon] 1 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-01 Kodiak Refrigeration[Icon] 8 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-02 ADF&G Research Facility, EDI Hyer, Inc.[Icon] 45 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-03 Recycling Services - Threshold Services, Inc.[Icon] 12 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-04 Brechan Enterprises, Inc. Lease - Bells Flats AK Subdivision[Icon] 12 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-05 Mental Health Services[Icon] 6 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-06 MSW Contracts Consultant[Icon] 3 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-07 New World Systems License Agreement[Icon] 13 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-08 R & M Consultants, North Star Elementary[Icon] 14 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-09 City of Kodiak and KIB - Snow plowing and Sanding Service[Icon] 3 CLERKS8000001 Clerks
FY2009-10 Grant - copy not on file in Clerk's office[Icon] 0 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-11 IBEW Contract[Icon] 61 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-11A IBEW Contract Extension[Icon] 2 DEFAULT000000 Clerks
FY2009-11B IBEW Contract Extension[Icon] 3 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2009-11C IBEW Contract Negotiation Agreement[Icon] 17 CLERKS000014 Clerks
FY2009-12 Aksala Electronics[Icon] 3 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-13 Lease Agreement Womens Bay Fire Hall[Icon] 11 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-14 Clean Harbors Environmental Services Removal of Household Hazardous Waste[Icon] 31 CLERKS8000001 Clerks
FY2009-14 Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. Household Hazardous Waste Collection[Icon] 16 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2009-14A Clean Harbors Environmental Services Removal of Household Hazardous Waste Extension Agreement 3-yr[Icon] 1 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2009-15 Husky International Trucks Inc.[Icon] 3 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-16 Kodiak Bayside Fire Station Addition[Icon] 90 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-17 East Elementary School - Window & Ventilation Improvements[Icon] 37 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
FY2009-18 KHS HVAC Upgrades[Icon] 10 CLERKS8000006 Clerks
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