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FY2017-01 Kodiak Island Borough and City of Kodiak Animal Control Services Agreement[Icon] 7 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2017-02 ESI Group Employee Assistance Wellness Programs Management Training[Icon] 1 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2017-03 Discover Kodiak Destination Marketing And Tourism Development Services For FY2017[Icon] 2 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2017-04 Lease agreement with The American National Red Cross[Icon] 12 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2017-05 KIB Landfill Lateral Expansion Cell 1 Rainsheet[Icon] 8 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2017-06 Providence Kodiak Island Counseling Center of Kodiak[Icon] 7 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2017-07 Arctic Elevator Company LLC[Icon] 4 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2017-07A First Extension Arctic Elevator Company LLC[Icon] 1 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2017-07B Second Extention Arctic Elevator Company LLC[Icon] 5 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2017-07C Month-to-Month Extension of Elevator Maintenance Contract[Icon] 1 CLERKS000017 Clerks
FY2017-08 Altman, Rogers, & Company CPA Auditing Services[Icon] 10 CLERKS000013 Clerks
FY2017-09 Purchase Agreement for Spruce Tree Seedlings[Icon] 14 CLERKS000014 Clerks
FY2017-09A Assignment of Seedling Purchase Agreement[Icon] 2 CLERKS000014 Clerks
FY2017-10 Lease agreement with Kodiak Area Special Olympics[Icon] 13 CLERKS000014 Clerks
FY2017-11 Bayside apartment window installation-Ahtna[Icon] 3 CLERKS000014 Clerks
FY2017-12 Matson Navigation Company of Alaska[Icon] 8 CLERKS000014 Clerks
FY2017-14 Womens Bay Generator Procurement[Icon] 2 CLERKS000014 Clerks
FY2017-15 AHERA - Asbestos Inspections for KIB Buildings For An Amount Not to Exceed $22,000.00[Icon] 7 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2017-15 Tree Planting Contract with Carter & Carter Enterprises For Spruce Tree Seedling Hand Planting in Chiniak[Icon] 14 CLERKS000015 Clerks
FY2017-16 Cooperative Agreement National Atmospheric Deposition Program[Icon] 3 CLERKS000015 Clerks
FY2017-16A Amendment 1 to cooperative agreement NADP to amend the terms of agreement to modify terms[Icon] 1 CLERKS000016 Clerks
FY2017-17 MK Enterprises, LLC Snow Removal and Icle Control Services[Icon] 2 CLERKS000014 Clerks
FY2017-19 Professional Services Agreement with PND Engineers, Inc. for Main Elementary Walkway[Icon] 13 CLERKS000015 Clerks
FY2017-20 Northwind Forest Consultants, LLC. Reforestation Management[Icon] 5 CLERKS000014 Clerks
FY2017-21 Kodiak Soil and Water Conservation for hardwood cutting collection[Icon] 4 CLERKS000015 Clerks
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